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1 August 2019

Hospitals, GPs and medical clinics have a hard time trying to prevent the spread of infection. You can implement all of the contamination prevention methods available, and somehow, somewhere, bacteria can slip through the net. A common way that this can happen is through the use of computer equipment.

Purekeys Keyboards Prevent Infection from Spreading
Purekeys Keyboards Prevent Infection from Spreading

If a doctor or nurse switches between checking their computer and examining their patient, it means that bacteria can spread from the patient to the keyboard. Purekeys are a brand that specialises in contamination prevention medical keyboards, mice and other computer equipment. This article explains who Purekeys are, and why they can prevent infection in every hospital.

Why Do We Need Medical Keyboards?

A recent study by the BMJ, found that computer keyboards and peripheral devices are frequently contaminated by pathogens, and that following hand contact with computer equipment, hand hygiene rules is rarely followed. As computer keyboards are handles by multiple groups within a hospital setting, it means that the risk of infection spreading fast and wide is high.

One way to reduce the spread of bacteria is by building keyboards and computer equipment that has been designed to prevent bacteria from spreading. Disinfectant friendly keyboards, mice with no ridges, and wireless equipment are all ideal ways at preventing bacteria from spreading.

Why Use Purekeys Medical Keyboards?

All of the products in our Purekeys range have been designed to prevent bacteria from spreading. Whether you're looking at a mouse or a keyboard, the design will be smooth with the amount of cracks reduced in order to prevent crumbs and dust from contaminating the equipment. A lack of grooves, crevices and cracks improves safety, while a wireless option can reduce bacteria from getting attached to the wires.

Purekeys Keyboards Feature No Cracks, Ridges or Crevices
Purekeys keyboards feature no cracks, ridges or crevices

Each of their keyboards features a "clean" key, which enables you to put the device into "cleaning mode". Cleaning mode will be indicated by a green LED, and it enables you to clean the keyboard safely without damaging the design. Purekeys recommend that you use a hospital grade, 80% alcohol, bleach or ammonia like solution to clean your keyboard.

What Can Purekeys Medical Keyboards Prevent?

Bacteria can spread like wildfire in hospitals, especially as the prevention of bacteria spreading is always down to the precautions taken by hospital staff. If just one person doesn't uphold hygiene rules, it can cause a small outbreak that quickly spirals out of control. Common virus outbreaks include:

  • Norovirus
  • Influenza
  • Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
  • Tuberculosis
  • Bacterial or viral infections

What Purekeys Keyboards Can I Buy?

Here at MedicalSupplies.co.uk, we sell a range of Purekeys computer equipment that is well recommended for infection prevention. From keyboards, to mice, to infection kits, our range is a must have for any medical institution or office. A detailed explanation into the range is listed below.

The Wireless Computer Keyboard Range

The Purekeys keyboard range features wireless and normal versions of equipment, with kits and different colours all at your disposal. Below you can see how the range is generally laid out.

Purekeys White Mouse Black Purekeys Mouse
White Purekeys Mouse Black Purekeys Mouse
White Purekeys Keyboard Black Purekeys Keyboard
White Purekeys Keyboard Black Purekeys Keyboard
White Purekeys Keyboard and Mouse Pack Black Purekeys Keyboard and Mouse
White Purekeys Keyboard and Mouse Black Purekeys Keyboard and Mouse

The Wired Computer Keyboard Range

Similar to the wireless range, the Purekeys wired range features the same crevice-free designed equipment that is suitable for cleaning with disinfectant. The only different is that these products come with a wire attached, which is ideal for those who want to keep track of where their computer equipment is. You can access our Purekeys wired range by clicking on the images below.

Purekeys Wired Keyboard Purekeys Wired Mouse Purekeys Wired Keyboard and Mouse
Purekeys Wired Keyboard Purekeys Wired Mouse Purekeys Wired Keyboard and Mouse

Wired vs Wireless

The difference between the two is basically down to preference. Both designs feature the same, excellent infection control, with clean modes and no cracks to prevent dirt from spreading. The wired versions have a slightly higher risk of spreading infection because the wire adds an extra piece of equipment into play, but on the other hand, it means that you won't lose your equipment.

Prevent Infection from Spreading Now

Purekeys are a fantastic way to prevent the spread of infection. You can get yours now in our Purekeys category, or in our Computer Equipment and Accessories category.

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