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Erler-Zimmer Catheterisation Trainer with Male and Female Genital Inserts

Erler-Zimmer Catheterisation Trainer with Male and Female Genital Inserts£1,511.66

  • Male and female transurethral bladder catheterisation simulator
  • Suitable for educational and training purposes
  • Bladder shape designed to avoid unrealistic resistance
  • Supplied with both a male and female genitalia insert
Erler-Zimmer Male Catheter Model

Erler-Zimmer Male Catheter Model£416.66

  • Highly detailed male genitalia model to practice catheter insertion
  • Excellent for trainee nurses, doctors, and carers
  • Allows for anatomy study, and practice of cleansing techniques
  • Includes instruction manual and storage box
Erler-Zimmer Male Catheterisation and Enema Simulator

Erler-Zimmer Male Catheterisation and Enema Simulator£1,416.66

  • Life-size male genitalia for catheterisation and enema procedure practise
  • Highly realistic design suitable for medical training settings
  • Realistic feel and appearance for improved teaching
  • Suitable for all catheterisation steps including disinfecting
Erler-Zimmer Male Catheterisation Training Model

Erler-Zimmer Male Catheterisation Training Model£999.99

  • High-quality male catheterisation training model
  • Designed for trainee nurses, doctors, and carers
  • For demonstrating a realistic catheterisation procedure
  • Supports a range of catheterisation courses
Erler-Zimmer Male Infant Simulator Doll

Erler-Zimmer Male Infant Simulator Doll£1,071.66

  • Life-like representation of a newborn male 
  • Supports nurses or medical professionals in training
  • For practising a number of infant care techniques
  • Realistic natural skin like feeling
Erler-Zimmer Nursing Newborn Simulator

Erler-Zimmer Nursing Newborn Simulator£816.66  -  £1,083.33

  • Simulator doll of a 0-8 week old newborn baby
  • For training midwives, paediatricians, or other medical professionals
  • For practising newborn care techniques and procedures inc. catheterisation
  • Soft life-like baby skin and a wide range of realistic features
Erler-Zimmer Prostate Examination Simulator

Erler-Zimmer Prostate Examination Simulator£1,499.99

  • High quality construction for medical prostate examination training
  • Perfect for helping students identify prostate cancer or enlargement
  • Four interchangeable prostates each showing different stages of carcinoma
  • Includes lubricant, cleaner, and carry case
Erler-Zimmer Special Needs Infant Training Manikin

Erler-Zimmer Special Needs Infant Training Manikin£741.66

  • Infant training manikin for special needs infant medical training
  • High-quality and detailed for numerous medical training settings
  • For practising a number of special needs care and procedures
  • Training of tracheostomy, gastrostomy, nasogastric care, and more
Erler-Zimmer Testicle Self Examination Trainer Kit

Erler-Zimmer Testicle Self Examination Trainer Kit£287.49

  • Realistic testicle model for self-examination training
  • Teaches medical students how to identify and locate tumours
  • Four embedded tumours and tumour location guide included
  • Baby powder included to maintain life-like skin
Erler-Zimmer Testicle Self-Examination Simulator Model

Erler-Zimmer Testicle Self-Examination Simulator Model£237.49

  • Life-size representation of the testicles to practice testicular self-exam
  • Allows medical students to learn correct techniques
  • Highly detailed and life-like material
  • Carry case included for easy transportation
Erler-Zimmer Tracheostomy Simulator R11083

Erler-Zimmer Tracheostomy Simulator R11083£1,166.66

  • Head and torso model for practising a range of tracheostomy care techniques
  • Deigned for professional medical training institutions
  • Viewing window at the neck to observe suction and the trachea tube
  • Replicates oral and nasal passages, along with all appropriate anatomy
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