Bandaging and Suturing

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Life/Form Suture Training Kit

Life/Form Suture Training Kit£257.00

  • Realistic suture trainer
  • Skin pad features all layers of skin
  • Suitable for sutures, staples and surgical glues
  • Includes instruments in storage case
Double-Sided Pad for Skin Suture Trainer

Double-Sided Pad for Skin Suture Trainer£93.00

  • Suture pad for the Skin Suture Trainer
  • Reversible for double the use
  • Easy to install and use
  • Cost effective part replacement
Life/Form Interactive Suture Trainer

Life/Form Interactive Suture Trainer£270.20

  • Realistic, wearable training pad
  • Attaches to patient or mannequin arm, leg or hip
  • Wounds open automatically when cut
  • Supplied with suturing instruments
Replacement Foam Pad for Suture Practise Trainer

Replacement Foam Pad for Suture Practise Trainer£91.66

  • Replacement pad for Suture Trainers
  • Reversible for double the use
  • Economical training solution
  • Easily installed into existing trainers
Standard First Aid Training Pack

Standard First Aid Training Pack£0.75

  • Simple and convenient materials that are easy to use
  • Contains minimum contents needed for first aid training
  • All materials are of a high quality and can be reusable
  • Comes in a grip seal bag to protect all products
Stump Bandaging Simulators

Stump Bandaging Simulators£388.10  -  £754.20

  • Stump dressing trainers
  • Allows for dressing of stumps
  • Ideal for demonstrating prosthetic application
  • Select from upper body, lower body or both
Surgical Sally Bandaging Simulator

Surgical Sally Bandaging Simulator£1,104.40

  • Realistic trainer for post-surgery care
  • Features 14 wounds for dressing
  • Suture and stapling techniques displayed
  • Skin reacts realistically to adhesives and bandages
Suture and Stapling Practise Trainers

Suture and Stapling Practise Trainers£282.49  -  £373.10

  • Highly realistic suture trainers
  • Skin can be sutured again and again
  • Cuts can be placed anywhere on the trainer
  • Lasts for over 100 cuts before needing replacing
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