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3B Scientific GmbH Skull Model with Teeth for Extraction (4-Part)

3B Scientific GmbH Skull Model with Teeth for Extraction (4-Part)£158.32

  • Anatomical human skull with extractable teeth for dentists and students
  • Great tool for teaching and learning about dental anatomy
  • Bone flap on right mandible can be opened to view structures within
  • Teeth can be extracted and replaced individually with their fully formed roots
Advanced Half Lower Jaw Model with 8 Diseased Teeth (19-Part)

Advanced Half Lower Jaw Model with 8 Diseased Teeth (19-Part)£219.99

  • Half lower jaw model showing various stages of tooth disease
  • Front section of bone and all the teeth are removable from the jaw
  • Nerves, blood vessels and glands are all shown for an accurate, realistic depiction
  • Ideal for explaining the need for tooth care, or for demonstrating dental anatomy
Classic Tooth Models

Classic Tooth Models£51.65  -  £309.00

  • Series of large, accurate tooth models ranging from 23 - 29cm
  • Models allow the students to study the structures in detail
  • Can be purchased as a set or individually
  • Models are all mounted on stands for convenient display
Dental Disease Model (21-Part)

Dental Disease Model (21-Part)£209.99

  • Accurate model of a lower jaw showing various dental diseases
  • One half of the jaw is perfectly healthy, and the other diseased
  • Removable bone section for examining roots, vessels and nerves
  • Features 16 removable teeth, and 2x magnification
Dental Morphology Series Models

Dental Morphology Series Models£747.10

  • Ten times magnified models of a variety of teeth, coming in seven parts
  • All relevant morphology structures are labelled for easy identification
  • Larger size means more people can view the models at once
  • Ideal learning tool for dental students 
Dentition Development Model

Dentition Development Model£161.90

  • Dentition development model with four stages of development
  • Comprises four different models (newborn, 5 year old, 9 year old, young adult)
  • Supplied on a base with each model mounted on a stand
  • Great for learning about how anatomy changes as we grow older
Giant Dental Care Model

Giant Dental Care Model£101.20

  • High quality, three times life-size dentition model 
  • Larger size makes it perfect for demonstrations
  • Flexible joint between the jaws allows easy, natural movement
  • Comes with a 35.5cm toothbrush for demonstrating cleaning techniques
Giant Molar Model with Dental Cavities (5-Part)

Giant Molar Model with Dental Cavities (5-Part)£193.60

  • Molar separates into five parts, allowing detailed study of inner structures
  • Three tooth inserts with different stages of advanced cavities
  • Great for learning about the structure of the molar, and the effects of disease
  • Mounted on a stand for convenient display and storage
Half Lower Jaw Model, 3 Times Full-Size (6-Part)

Half Lower Jaw Model, 3 Times Full-Size (6-Part)£183.00

  • Half jaw model of a young person, in six parts
  • One section of bone is removable, exposing the structures within
  • Canine and first molar are removable and longitudinally sectioned
  • Mounted on a stand for convenient display
MICROanatomy Tongue Model

MICROanatomy Tongue Model£191.00

  • Model comprising various enlargements of specific parts of the tongue
  • Life-size view of the tongue and magnified views of papillae and taste bud
  • Base features an overview of sensory and sensitive innervation
  • Unique way of depicting the tongue, for effective learning
Milk Dentures Model

Milk Dentures Model£144.30

  • Accurate set of milk dentures for study of the anatomy
  • Upper and lower have been opened to show the arrangement of teeth
  • Lower jaw is movable for realism and accuracy
  • Mounted on a base for handy display
Molar and Incisor Tooth Models

Molar and Incisor Tooth Models£72.49

  • Set of molar and incisor tooth models
  • Ideal for medical students and dental practices
  • Displays inner and outer structures of the teeth
  • Shows enamel, dentine, pulp, and root canal
Tongue Model, 2.5 Times Life-Size (4-Part)

Tongue Model, 2.5 Times Life-Size (4-Part)£142.60

  • Highly accurate and realistic model of the tongue 
  • 2.5 times life-size, and can be disassembled into four parts
  • Shows lower jaw up to the second molar and mouth floor muscles
  • Also shows the right sublingual and submandibular glands
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