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After a patient suffers an injury to the shoulder or another part of the arm, it's important to make sure the affected area is stable and immobilised to allow proper recovery to take place. At MedicalSupplies.co.uk, our Arm Slings will reliably keep the injured arm still, while remaining comfortable and breathable for the patient. A range of slings are available to suit patients of all needs and sizes.
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Lancaster Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling

Lancaster Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling£12.49

  • Adjustable arm sling with hook and loop fastenings
  • Ideal for shoulder injuries that need immobilisation
  • Full forearm support extends from wrist to elbow
  • Non-stretch straps prevent bouncing while walking
High Arm Sling

High Arm Sling£19.89

  • Offers optional arm immobilisation
  • Maintains upper arm in a raised position
  • Breathable nylon/foam laminate construction
  • Washable at 40°C for lasting hygiene
Universal Pro Collar and Cuff Sling

Universal Pro Collar and Cuff Sling£2.99

  • Excellent value collar-and-cuff sling
  • Ideal for broken wrist, upper arm or forearm
  • Universal design for ambidextrous application
  • Simple and secure hook and loop fastenings
Ossur High Arm Sling

Ossur High Arm Sling£17.04

  • Holds your arm in a raised position to facilitate healing
  • Immobilises your arm following an injury or surgery
  • Works to reduce inflammation and protect the area
  • Aids healing to help you return to your routine
Jura Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling

Jura Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling£8.26

  • Shoulder immobilising arm sling
  • Ideal for shoulder dislocations and subluxations
  • Durable, comfortable cotton sling with soft padding
  • Fully adjustable shoulder and body strap
Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling

Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling£5.82

  • Sling for cast support, as well as injuries to the arm, wrist or hand
  • Suitable for immobilisation and support of the arm, shoulder and elbow
  • Fully padded 2" wide foam strap with easy adjustment
  • Generous size polycotton pocket provides a comfortable fit
TalarMade Bodymedics Deluxe Arm Sling

TalarMade Bodymedics Deluxe Arm Sling£9.99  -  £10.99

  • Designed for immobilisation of the forearm, elbow and arm
  • Ideal for sprains, breaks, pre and post operative arm support
  • Breathable lightweight polyester cotton sling minimises skin irritation
  • Soft padded plush foam straps with easy touch-and-close fastenings
Boscombe Double Loop Arm Sling

Boscombe Double Loop Arm Sling£7.69

  • Boscombe arm sling with two forearm loops
  • Ideal for wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder injuries
  • Highly adjustable straps to fit the majority of users
  • Soft foam padding makes this sling extremely comfortable
Deluxe Paediatric Sling and Swathe

Deluxe Paediatric Sling and Swathe£35.99

  • Wide shoulder straps prevents migration
  • Hook and loop fastening for secure fixation
  • Foam padding and cotton webbing improves comfort
  • Suitable for post-surgery and post-injury use
Donjoy IMMO Sling and Swathe

Donjoy IMMO Sling and Swathe£15.83

  • Arm sling which can also be used as a shoulder immobiliser
  • Immobilises the shoulder or arm for use by patients and carers
  • Two straps around the neck maintain support and comfort
  • Suitable for upper extremity trauma as well as arm injuries
Elevator Arm Sling

Elevator Arm Sling£23.77

  • Universal fitting for simpler use
  • For elevation and normal sling use
  • Breathable foam laminate
  • Ideal for use after trauma, surgery or for Oedema control
LimbSling Support Sling

LimbSling Support Sling£72.49

  • Lifts and supports limbs such as arms and legs
  • Allows carers to gain better access for treatment
  • Ideal to use for dressing wounds and washing
  • Capable of supporting users up to 300kg
Mesh Arm Sling

Mesh Arm Sling£13.06

  • Arm and elbow immobilisation
  • Lightweight mesh helps air circulate
  • Thumb loop limits wrist drop
  • Universal design for left and right arm
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