1 February 2024
Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors 2024

Being able to monitor your own blood pressure at home can help you to get on top of your health by alerting you early of any potential health issues. View our Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors to find the ideal device for easily monitoring your blood pressure at home.

29 January 2024
Best Sleeping Positions for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can seriously affect our ability to sleep comfortably. Read our blog on the Best Sleeping Position for Acid Reflux to find the best solutions for people suffering from indigestion and heartburn caused by acid reflux.

19 January 2024  |  Amelia
Best First Aid Kits 2024

The law requires schools, offices, sports teams and more to have a first aid kit on site. This blog lists our Best First Aid Kits, allowing you to comply with health and safety regulations.

16 January 2024
Common Stoma Care Problems and Solutions

Discover some of the Common Ostomy Care Problems and Solutions, and make sure you're prepared to carry out effective post-surgical ostomy care.

16 January 2024
A Guide to Living With a Stoma

If you've recently undergone ostomy surgery, or know somebody who has, A Guide to Living With a Stoma could be what you need to ease any anxieties or worries you have about post-surgical care.

15 January 2024
Essential First Aid Kit Supplies Refills 2024

Whether you want an entire first aid kit refill, or to stock up on supplies, we've got you covered. From plasters and dressings to antiseptic cream and scissors, learn where and how to refill your first aid kit.

11 January 2024
Best Dental Models for Students 2024

Explore the Best Dental Models for Students 2024 at to find a range of tooth, jaw, and tongue models, suitable for anatomy studies and demonstrations of proper dental care techniques.

10 January 2024
Best Skull Models for Medical Students 2024

Discover the Best Skull Models for Medical Students 2024, designed to enhance anatomical understanding and offer a visual aid to simplify anatomy studies!

22 November 2023  |  Tania
Best Bath Lifts for Elderly and Disabled

Elderly users and those with limited mobility don't need to be limited to showers for bathing. Bath lifts provide an excellent aid for elderly users or those with disabilities to bathe using their bathtub in a safe manner. Read our blog to discover our Best Bath Lifts for Elderly and Disabled.

20 October 2023  |  Tania
Best Shower Chairs for Elderly Users

Elderly users with reduced mobility are at risk of falls during showering. Shower chairs are a great way for the elderly to bathe independently while preventing falls. Read our Best Showers for Elderly Users to find the right shower chair today.

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