22 November 2023  |  Tania

Elderly users and those with limited mobility don't need to be limited to showers for bathing. Bath lifts provide an excellent aid for elderly users or those with disabilities to bathe using their bathtub in a safe manner. Read our blog to discover our Best Bath Lifts for Elderly and Disabled.

20 October 2023  |  Tania
Best Shower Chairs for Elderly Users

Elderly users with reduced mobility are at risk of falls during showering. Shower chairs are a great way for the elderly to bathe independently while preventing falls. Read our Best Showers for Elderly Users to find the right shower chair today.

19 September 2023  |  Admin
Benefits of Teeter Inversion Therapy

Back pain and spinal issues are debilitating problems that can severely affect one's personal and professional life. One brand that has been addressing this issue through a non-surgical way is Teeter. Find out more by reading our blog on the Benefits of Teeter Inversion Therapy.

17 August 2023
Our Top 6 Disposable Medical Gloves 2023

We sell a wide range of medical gloves that are sourced from across the world, and trusted by doctors, surgeons and the NHS. To help you, we've created this guide showing you Our Best Medical Gloves 2023.

16 August 2023
Gifts for Medical Students 2023

Being a medical student isn't cheap, but we have a huge range of diagnostic tools, medical skeletons, anatomical models, stethoscopes and more for the best Gifts for Medical Students 2023. We'll help you find the best medical gifts available.

15 August 2023
Best Skeletons for Medical Students 2023

Medical skeletons, also known as anatomical skeletons, are the best way for medical students to understand the complex human skeleton. In today's blog, we'll show you the Best Skeletons for Medical Students 2023, varying in price point, attention to detail and style.

14 August 2023
Best Anatomy Models for Medical Students 2023

From skulls to spines, torsos to teeth, we have a huge range of anatomy models. In today's blog, we'll give you the Best Anatomy Models for Medical Students 2023, for the perfect design to help you study in style!

14 August 2023
Best Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes 2023

In today's blog we'll discuss the Best Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes 2023 for easy to use diagnostic equipment. With options designed for students through to advanced medical professionals, we'll have the perfect equipment for just about anyone.

10 August 2023
Best Stethoscopes for Medical Students 2023

Find out the pros and cons of popular stethoscopes in today's handy blog on the Best Stethoscopes for Medical Students 2023. From classic Littmann designs to Dual-Head stethoscopes, our designs offer premium auscultation practise no matter how new or old you are to the medical industry.

31 July 2023  |  Lauren
Types of Hospital Beds and Their Uses

Discover which bed-unit is ideal to furnish your clinic as you learn about the different Types of Hospital Beds and Their Uses. From electronic and automatic beds for patient positioning to adjustable cots that make looking after neo-natal patients easier, there's a hospital bed to cater to all medical and clinical uses.

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