Best Dental Models for Students 2024

11 January 2024

For dental students, developing an in-depth understanding of the anatomical structure of the mouth is crucial. Anatomical models are handy study aids which can be used as a visual tool for better understanding anatomical structures and topography. These models can also be useful for practising and delivering training on a range of techniques, including the proper way to brush your teeth and gums.

To make it easier to find a the perfect anatomy model to support your studies, we've put together a handy list of the Best Dental Models for Students 2024. Browse now to discover a range of tooth, gum, jaw, and tongue models!

What's Included?

Tooth Models

How Can Tooth Models Help Dental Students?

Tooth models offer a visual study aid to help dental students become familiar with the internal and external structures of teeth.

Our Choice: Classic Tooth Models (5 Options, 23 - 29cm)

Classic Tooth ModelsKey Features and Benefits

• 5 adult tooth models sold either as a set or individually
• Each tooth model comes with a removeable stand for ease-of-display
• Detailed and accurate design enables comprehensive study
• Some of the models can be dissected into 2 - 3 parts
• Choose from incisor, canine, pre-molar, and lower or upper root molar models

Ideal For

 Learning about the structure of the various types of teeth
Display in a range of educational and clinical environments

Not the Best For

Practising tooth-care and oral hygiene procedures (see our solution)

Dentition Development Model

How Can Dentition Development Models Help Dental Students?

Dentition development models are perfect for getting to grips with the progression of the anatomical structure of teeth as we age.

Our Choice: 3B Scientific Dentition Development Model (Neonate - Young Adult)

Dentition Development Model

Key Features and Benefits

• Model depicting four stages of development for human teeth
• Includes new-born, 5-year-old, 9-year-old, and young adult teeth
• Each model comes mounted on a display base
• Models are cast from real teeth for a lifelike design
• Lightweight design (0.5kg) ensures ease-of-transport

Ideal For

Studying the changes and developments in oral anatomy 
Recognising the regular structure of the mouth at various stages

Not the Best For

Learning the structure of individual teeth (see our solution)

Dental Care Model

How Can Dental Care Models Help Dental Students?

Dental care models are perfect for ensuring that dental students and patients alike understand the proper method of cleaning their teeth.

Our Choice: 3B Scientific Giant Dental Care Model

Giant Dental Care Model

Key Features and Benefits

• Three times life-size depiction of human teeth and gums
• Ideal for demonstrations of proper brushing techniques
• Flexible joint used between the upper and lower jaw for ease-of-movement
• Supplied with a giant toothbrush for demonstrations
• Replacement toothbrushes can be purchased separately

Ideal For

Demonstrations of proper brushing techniques
Display in a range of dental clinics and educational institutions

Not the Best For

Understanding the anatomy of the teeth and gums (see our solution)

Dental Skull Model

How Can Skull Models Help Dental Students?

Skull models can be particularly useful for learning the specific positioning of the jaw bones and teeth in the body.

Our Choice: 3B Scientific GmbH Skull Model with Teeth for Extraction (4-Part)

3B Scientific GmbH Skull Model with Teeth for Extraction (4-Part)

Key Features and Benefits

• 4-part human skull with a detailed and accurate design
• All teeth included with this model can be extracted
• Flap on the right-mandible can be opened to reveal internal structures
• Depicts smaller details such as dental roots and nerve canals
• Life-size model scale enables realistic training scenarios

Ideal For

Recognising smaller structures, including roots and nerves
Understanding how the teeth and jaw-bones connect to the skull

Not the Best For

Understanding how jaw-bones and teeth develop (see our solution)

Lower Jaw Model

How Can Lower Jaw Models Help Dental Students?

Understanding the structure of the lower jaw bone can help dental students to more easily recognise when there are issues affecting this area.

Our Choice: Advanced Half Lower Jaw Model with 8 Diseased Teeth (19-Part)

Advanced Half Lower Jaw Model with 8 Diseased Teeth (19-Part)

Key Features and Benefits

• Model of half a lower jaw with removeable front section
• All included teeth are fully removeable
• Shows smaller structures like nerves, blood vessels, and glands
• Depicts various stages of tooth decay for diagnostic practise
• Includes one longitudinally sectioned incisor

Ideal For

Learning how to recognise tooth decay in various stages
Understanding the structure of the lower jaw bone

Not the Best For

Demonstrating the proper oral hygiene techniques (see our solution)

Tongue Model

How Can Tongue Models Help Dental Students?

Learning about the structure of the tongue allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of the mouth.

Our Choice: Tongue Model, 2.5 Times Life-Size (4-Part)

Tongue Model, 2.5 Times Life-Size (4-Part)

Key Features and Benefits

• 2.5 times life-size model of a human tongue
• Can be disassembled into four separate pieces
• Depicts the right sublingual and submandibular glands
• Shows the lower jaw up to the second molar
• Supplied on a base for ease-of-display 

Ideal For

Enhancing understanding of the anatomy of the mouth
Display in a range of clinical environments and educational settings

Not the Best For

Learning the structure of bones in the mouth (see our solution)

From micro-anatomy models to enlarged-scale anatomical models, there are a wide range of dental models for students available on Using one of these fantastic models, it's possible to gain and develop a wide range of skills and knowledge that will allow you to flourish in a dental career.

If you haven't found a model that feels right for your needs, explore the rest of our Dentition Models range. Dental students may also find our range of Anatomical Models for Students helpful.

Have a question or comment about one of our dentition models? Leave a comment below, or head over to our contact page and drop us a message.

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