Best Sleeping Positions for Acid Reflux

29 January 2024

Acid reflux, a common digestive disorder that occurs when stomach acid flows back into the oesophagus, can wreak havoc on your sleep quality. The discomfort and burning sensation can make it challenging to find a peaceful night's rest. Fortunately, adjusting your sleeping position can make a significant difference in managing acid reflux symptoms.

In this blog post, we'll explore the Best Sleeping Positions for Acid Reflux to help you sleep soundly and minimise acid reflux discomfort.

Best Sleeping Position for People with Acid Reflux

For the optimal sleeping position to alleviate acid reflux (and the suitable sleeping aids to support this posture), check out our suggestions below:

On Your Back

Using a Posture Pillow

One of the most effective ways to reduce acid reflux symptoms during sleep is to elevate the upper body, and one cost-effective way of doing this is with a wedge pillow. The Harley Bed Relaxer White Bed Wedge Pillow uses a soft yet sturdy memory foam design for firm support of the shoulders and neck for a great night's sleep, while using the power of gravity to keep stomach acid from reaching the oesophagus. This design can also be propped up against headboards for use while sitting upright during the day, offering support all around the clock and for people with varying levels of severity.

Our Recommendation: Harley Bed Relaxer White Bed Wedge Pillow

The Harley Bed Relaxer White Bed Wedge PillowWhy We Love It...

Memory foam construction is soft and supportive
Elevates the head to reduce acid reflux and GERD symptoms
Firm yet supportive design ensures proper posture while sleeping

Ideal For...

Back, side and stomach sleepers needing support
Preventing nighttime acid reflux

Not the Best For...

Enforcing side-sleeping (See our solution)

Using a Mattress Tilter

A mattress tilter can alleviate acid reflux symptoms by elevating the upper body, preventing stomach acid from flowing into the oesophagus. This inclined position helps gravity keep the acid in the stomach, reducing the likelihood of reflux during sleep. The Mattress Genie Adjustable Mattress Tilter significantly reduces symptomatic flair-ups of acid reflux by enforcing an upright sleeping angle without needing an electric bed design, saving carers and patients a huge amount of money without sacrificing their wellbeing.

Our Recommendation: Mattress Genie Adjustable Mattress Tilter

Mattress Genie Adjustable Mattress TilterWhy We Love It...

Puts patients at an upright angle to reduce reflux symptoms 
Prevents patients from sleeping in the supine or fetal positions
Suitable for various types and sizes of mattresses and for versatile use

Ideal For...

Acid reflux, snoring, indigestion, allergies, hernias, and other health issues
Patients up to 453kg for bariatric and non-bariatric patients 

Not the Best For...

Lightweight support of the head and neck (See our solution)

On Your Side

Using a Posture Cushion

Sleeping on your left side is another excellent position for minimising acid reflux symptoms, and the Harley Original Knee and Hip Support Cushion (26 x 26cm) is a great way of enforcing this at night in the most comfortable way possible. Using a soft interior, this cushion promotes optimal alignment of the digestive tract at night by reducing pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter, reducing the likelihood of stomach acid flowing into the oesophagus. This sleeping aid is therefore an asset to anyone wanting a lightweight cushion that gently enforces the best sleeping position without compromising sleep quality.

Our Recommendation: Harley Original Knee and Hip Support Cushion (26 x 26cm)

Harley Original Knee and Hip Support Cushion (26 x 26cm)Why We Love It...

Encourages people to sleep on their side
Offers full-body support, when placed behind the head and between the legs
Prevents pressure ulcers while reducing shearing and friction

Ideal For...

People at risk of pressure ulcers, friction and pain
People who typically sleep on their front, back or right-hand side

Not the Best For...

Bariatric patients needing full-body support (See our solution)

A Final Word

Achieving a good night's sleep when dealing with acid reflux requires strategic choices in your sleeping position. Whether you opt for elevating the upper body, sleeping on your side, or using full body support, finding the right position can make a significant difference in minimising discomfort. Experiment with different sleeping positions to discover what works best for you, and consult with your healthcare provider for personalised advice.

With these adjustments, you can transform your sleep routine, waking up refreshed and free from the grip of acid reflux discomfort.

Have a question or comment about acid reflux and the best positions for sleeping generally? Leave a comment below, or head over to our contact page and drop us a message.

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