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Anatomical Model Skeleton with Painted Muscles Max A11

Anatomical Model Skeleton with Painted Muscles Max A11£494.99

  • Lifesize anatomical skeleton with painted muscle origins and inserts
  • Height of 5' 7"is ideal for GPs, surgeries, hospitals and universities
  • Features removable limbs, teeth, 600 anatomical structures and a natural size
  • Supplied on a stable metal stand for transportation and display
Disarticulated Painted Full Skeleton

Disarticulated Painted Full Skeleton£439.99

  • Hand-painted and numbered skeleton
  • Indicates muscle origins and insertions
  • Indicates bones and structures
  • Aids detailed study of anatomy
Disarticulated Full Skeleton

Disarticulated Full Skeleton£279.99

  • Full anatomical skeleton
  • Every other bone separated and life-sized
  • Flexible spinal cord
  • Aids detailed study of anatomy
3B Scientific A10 Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan

3B Scientific A10 Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan£239.99

  • Life-size human skeleton model for education and demonstrations
  • Ideal for use in schools, hospitals, universities, clinics, and laboratories
  • Incredibly detailed with removable limbs, articulated hands, and individual teeth
  • Provided with a stand on castors for convenient display and easy relocation
Disarticulated Human Model Skeleton

Disarticulated Human Model Skeleton£161.66

  • Disarticulated human skeleton consisting of around 200 bones
  • Ideal for training, education and demonstration purposes
  • Every bone is a replica of the real human equivalent
  • Right hand and foot mounted on wire for display
Anatomical Model Life-Size Skeleton

Anatomical Model Life-Size Skeleton£134.98

  • Full size skeleton comes with stand and dust cover
  • Perfect for display, demonstrations and education
  • Skeleton's skull, arms, legs and three lower teeth are detachable
  • Has a heavy-duty base to ensure skeleton stability
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Page 1 of 1:    6 Items
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