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Teeter EZ-UP Inversion Therapy Rack (Rack Only)

Teeter EZ-UP Inversion Therapy Rack (Rack Only)
Teeter EZ-UP Inversion Therapy Rack (Rack Only)Teeter EZ-UP Inversion Therapy Rack (Rack Only)Teeter EZ-UP Inversion Therapy Rack (Rack Only)
  • Dual-bar rack used for inversion therapy and exercise
  • Used with gravity boots to relieve back pain
  • Helps reduce muscle tension and stress
  • Can be securely adjusted to doorframe




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Brand:  Teeter

Teeter EZ-UP Inversion Therapy Rack (Rack Only)

Whether you’re looking for natural back pain relief, a way to take proactive care of your joints, or a convenient and fun way to strengthen and stretch, the Teeter EZ-UP Inversion Therapy Rack (Rack Only) provides a compact, out-of-the-way, in-home solution. It is recommended to be used with Teeter Gravity Boots (sold separately) and with its quick-disconnect locking brackets, it can be secured to the doorframe in just seconds, and does not interfere with the normal use of the door.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Rack for Inversion Therapy

Please note that Gravity Boots are intended for use with this product but are NOT included.

Features of the EZ-Up Inversion Rack:

  • Easy to use: Makes mounting and dismounting easy
  • Quick-disconnect locking brackets: Allows quick and easy installation and removal from the doorframe
  • High quality finish: Scratch-resistant powder coating prevents damage to doorframe
  • Foam hand grips: For a comfortable and secure grip
  • Valued-added materials: Includes Instructional Video and Owner’s Manual
  • Warranty: 5 years

What Is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy is a popular and non-invasive way to address back and spine pain. Through this technique, you are suspended upside down to stretch the spine and shift the body’s gravity, which helps in easing the pressure off the back while also providing traction for the spine.

How Does It Help?

By creating more protective fluid around the spinal discs, removing waste and toxins from the spine, decreasing inflammation and increasing blood circulation through surrounding muscles, regular use of inversion therapy can help resolve and prevent back problems. In fact, it is believed that the stretching and circulatory benefits can even help prevent future problems.

How Do You Use the EZ-UP Rack?

With the Gravity Boots, you can use the EZ-UP Rack as an inversion platform to stretch and strengthen the spine and lower back. Even without the boots, it can also be used for a full-body workout to build muscle and strength by using gravity to do a number of exercises such as heavy bag workouts, chin-ups, reverse sit-ups and squats, the last two while being inverted.

Who Is It For?

The Teeter EZ-UP Rack provides a safe and effective way to stretch and decompress for people suffering from chronic and long-standing back pain. It can be used as an exercise tool even by people without pain as regular use helps in stretching and relaxing back muscles through inversion therapy.

Features An Innovative Design

The EZ-UP Rack has a dual-bar design, which when fitted in the doorframe, allows the user increased freedom of movement without the doorframe or the wall getting in the way. This also comes in handy when the user is mounting or dismounting during and after the exercise. 

Fasten It Securely to Your Doorframe

The advantage of the rack is that it can be easily secured to solid doorframes, without interfering with the normal operation of the door. It comes with quick-disconnect locking brackets which can be secured or removed in very little time. The rack is adjustable for doorway widths from 28 inches to 36 inches.

Does Not Damage the Property

Featuring scratch-resistant powder-coating and moulded end caps, you can rest assured that the rack will not damage your door during installation or use. With foam grips, it provides comfortable hold for the user as well during the exercises. 

Specifications of the Teeter EZ-UP Inversion Rack

  • Height Capacity: Depends on size of doorframe
  • Weight Capacity: 113 kgs (250lbs)
  • Assembled Dimensions: Fits doorframes from 71-91cm (28"-36")
  • Packaged Dimensions: 67.3 x 71 x 12.7 cm (26.5" x 28" x 5")
  • Packaged Weight: 8.6 kgs (19lbs)
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