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Elbow Supports

This selection of Elbow Supports is designed to provide comfort, security and relief during injury rehabilitation. These products provide firm support to injured elbows whilst allowing you to carry on with daily tasks. Whether your patient has a repetitive strain injury, arthritis, or stiff and aching elbows, we've got something suitable.

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Wondermag Magnetic Elbow Support

Wondermag Magnetic Elbow Support£35.82

  • Magnetic elbow support for pain relief
  • Includes 4 powerful integrated therapeutic magnets
  • Soft and breathable pain relief during recovery
  • Enables free movement while wearing the support
Actimove Arthritis Care Compression Elbow Support

Actimove Arthritis Care Compression Elbow Support£14.73

  • Heat-retaining elbow support to provide compression and warmth
  • Ideal for relief of pain associated with elbow arthritis
  • Unique ceramic fibres retain heat to soothe the elbow
  • Light compression reduces swelling while promoting circulation
Actimove KIDS Elbow Support for Children

Actimove KIDS Elbow Support for Children£11.99

  • Elbow brace for kids to provide mild support and compression
  • Ideal for acute elbow injuries or reduction of pain and swelling
  • Warms and compresses the joint while allowing full movement
  • Suitable for children of approximate ages five to seven
Actimove Everyday Compression Elbow Support

Actimove Everyday Compression Elbow Support£10.83

  • Compression elbow brace to provide stability and relieve pain
  • Ideal for repetitive strain injuries and chronic elbow pain
  • Can be used during any everyday activity for pain relief
  • Ambidextrous for comfort when worn on left or right arm
Vulkan Elasticated Elbow Support

Vulkan Elasticated Elbow Support£6.66

  • Lightweight elbow support made from elastic
  • Designed to provide support to the elbow following injury
  • Controls swelling around the elbow joint to reduce pain
  • Available in three sizes for the best possible fit
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