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Actimove KIDS Elbow Support for Children

Actimove KIDS Elbow Support for Children
 Actimove KIDS Elbow Support for ChildrenActimove KIDS Elbow Support for Children 
  • Elbow brace for kids to provide mild support and compression
  • Ideal for acute elbow injuries or reduction of pain and swelling
  • Warms and compresses the joint while allowing full movement
  • Suitable for children of approximate ages five to seven


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Brand:  Actimove

Actimove KIDS Elbow Support for Children

The Actimove KIDS Elbow Support for Children is designed to provide mild compression and support to an injured elbow, helping to reduce pain and swelling. This support aids the joint in making a quick recovery, so your child can get back to the activities they love.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Elbow Support

Please note that this support is ambidextrous, meaning that it can be comfortably worn on either the left or right elbow.

Who Should Use the Actimove KIDS Elbow Support?

This elbow brace provides even compression to the elbow, forearm and bicep, making it ideal for most types of elbow pain. In particular, this support is suited children suffering from:

  • Chronic elbow pain
  • Acute elbow injuries
  • Repetitive strain or overuse issues
  • Arthritis

How Does the Paediatric Elbow Brace Relieve Pain?

This elbow brace uses a twofold approach to the reduction of pain by supplying both therapeutic warmth and compression to the area. Both of these factors work together to soothe the elbow, and also help to promote circulation to help the recovery process along.

Will This Brace Fit My Child?

This elbow support is supplied in one universal size designed to fit most children between the ages of five and seven. To determine if this support is right for your child, measure the circumference of their elbow as shown in the image below. This support is designed to fit those with an elbow circumference between 16.5 - 19cm.

Actimove Elbow Support sizing

How Do I Apply the Actimove KIDS Elbow Support for Children?

This support features an inner sleeve to hold it in place along with two securing straps to allow modification of compression levels. The graphic below shows a step-by-step guide as to the proper application to the elbow.

How to apply the Actimove Children's Elbow Brace

How Comfortable Is This Elbow Support?

As ensuring compliance can be particularly difficult with children, Actimove design their range of supports for kids with anatomical shapes and particularly soft materials. Once applied, this brace won't provide any irritation to your child's skin, and will help to reduce their pain while promoting healing and contributing to the avoidance of re-injury.

Comfortable inner sleeve of the Actimove Children's Elbow Brace

Does the Actimove KIDS Elbow Support for Children Contain Latex or Neoprene?

No, this is a completely neoprene- and latex-free elbow brace. The comfortable and non-irritating materials used make this brace ideal for those with sensitive skin.

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