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Actimove KIDS Wrist Support for Children

Actimove KIDS Wrist Support for Children
Actimove KIDS Wrist Support for ChildrenActimove KIDS Wrist Support for ChildrenActimove KIDS Wrist Support for Children
  • Wrist support for kids designed to stabilise the wrist
  • Ideal for tendonitis, sprains, arthritis and post-op care
  • Provides warmth and compression to relieve pain
  • Comfortable and breathable for all-day comfort


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Brand:  Actimove

Actimove KIDS Wrist Support for Children

Designed to protect children and speed recovery after a wrist injury, the Actimove KIDS Wrist Support for Children keeps pain and swelling under control. By stabilising the wrist, this support prevents painful movements, as well as supplying warmth and compression to the affected area.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Wrist support

Please note: This wrist support is ambidextrous, and is equally comfortable when worn on the left or right wrist.

Who Should Use the Actimove Children's Wrist Brace?

This is an ideal wrist support for children who have suffered a recent injury, or are looking to get back to activity after their recovery. In particular, it's suited to:

  • Arthritis
  • After cast removal
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Post-operative care
  • Support after cast removal

Will This Wrist Brace Fit My Child?

As kids are always growing, this support is adjustable to allow it to adapt to the wrist sizes of most children between the approximate ages of two to seven. To determine if it will fit your child, measure the circumference around their wrist as shown in the graphic below. This support is suitable for children with wrist circumferences between 11.5cm and 14cm.

Wrist support sizing

How Does This Brace Support the Wrist?

This brace is anatomically shaped for comfort, and includes a removeable metal stay that can be applied to either the left or right wrist. The metal stay is designed to prevent bending motions that can be painful or dangerous for injured wrists, keeping the wrist in the proper position to speed healing.

How Comfortable is the Actimove Wrist Brace for Kids?

This brace is made with an anatomical shape that suits the contours of a child's wrist, and soft inner materials to make it suitable for all-day wear. The inner material is also seamless, preventing any sort of chafing or irritation.

How Do I Apply the Actimove Paediatric Wrist Support?

This brace can be easily applied and adjusted to fit using the Velcro fasteners and straps. Please see the diagram below for detailed step-by-step instructions regarding proper application.

Application of the Actimove Children's Wrist Brace

Does the Actimove Children's Wrist Brace Contain Latex or Neoprene?

No, this is a completely neoprene- and latex-free wrist brace. The comfortable and non-irritating materials used make this brace ideal for those with sensitive skin.

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