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Circulation Aids

Blood flow is highly important for your health, and our range of Circulation Aids can help to ensure that your circulation is as good as possible. Including products to help reduce your risk of DVT, lymphoedema, and other conditions arising from poor circulation, our range includes simple solutions for everyday use.

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FitLegs Continued Care Below Knee Closed Toe

FitLegs Continued Care Below Knee Closed Toe£7.49

  • Clinically effective at reducing the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Ideal to wear following discharge from hospital with easy inspection features
  • Unique design includes comfortable heel pad
  • Available in all sizes including plus size for bariatric and maternity patients
FitLegs Everyday Compression Socks

FitLegs Everyday Compression Socks£14.15

  • Soft microfibre material helps to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis 
  • Comfortable, stretchable fabric applies graduated compression to improve circulation 
  • Provides comfort on long journeys and at work
  • Available in two sizes which suit a wide range of people
FitLegs Sport Compression Socks

FitLegs Sport Compression Socks£12.90

  • Sports compression socks to prevent fatigue 
  • Includes shock absorbent heel and toe for comfort 
  • Ventilated design for breathable sports use 
  • Available in three sizes and three colours to suit most people 
Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVT

Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVT£10.84

  • Inflatable exercise cushion for reducing the chances of DVT
  • Ideal for use by elderly, during pregnancy, while travelling and at work
  • Resistance based exercise encourages blood flow in the lower legs
  • Inflate to desired level to provide a level of exercise perfect for you
FitLegs Diabetes Cotton Socks

FitLegs Diabetes Cotton Socks£5.21

  • Breathable fabric made from 100% cotton to keep feet dry and comfortable 
  • Designed with a soft toe seam which is ideal for sensitive or swollen feet
  • Fragile skin is prevented from damage with its non-elasticated material 
  • A range of sizes allow for precise fitting
FitLegs Life Compression Socks

FitLegs Life Compression Socks£14.99

  • FitLegs compression socks which help circulation and prevent DVT
  • Microfibre fabric ensures comfort whilst travelling and at work
  • Includes top band which prevents skin irritation
  • Available in three different style and sizes to fit most needs
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