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Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVT

Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVT
 Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVTAirogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVT 
  • Inflatable exercise cushion for reducing the chances of DVT
  • Ideal for use by elderly, during pregnancy, while travelling and at work
  • Resistance based exercise encourages blood flow in the lower legs
  • Inflate to desired level to provide a level of exercise perfect for you


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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Brand:  Airogym

Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVT

DVT, also known as deep vein thrombosis, is a common condition that is potentially deadly, so it's essential to take all the right steps to avoid it from occurring. The Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVT prevents the likelihood of this condition from beginning to take effect by pumping blood flow throughout the area. With an easy to inflate design for complete portability, this cushion prevents serious conditions before they occur, for the safety of vulnerable patients.  

What's Included?

  • 1 x Exercise Cushion

Key Features

  • Scientifically proven to improve the blood flow in your lower legs
  • Small enough to fit in a travel bag, suitcase or backpack
  • Blow air into the device through the air valve for adjustable pressure
  • Inflatable design is perfect for saving space for easy packing away
  • Can be used in a range of personal and professional environments
  • Easy to use design can be used by anyone for easy prevention of DVT

What Is the Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion for DVT for?

The Airogym Portable Cushion is a small, inflatable cushion that allows you to exercise your legs while sitting down. From your desk at work, while crammed in during flights or even during pregnancy, you can stimulate your muscles and improve blood flow from the comfort of your seat. 

When Should I Use This Cushion?

This cushion can be used by anyone wanting to reduce their chances of developing DVT. However, it's particularly ideal for people at the highest risk of this condition. Some examples of these people include:

  • Individuals over the age of 60
  • Overweight, obese or bariatric patients
  • People with a family history of DVT
  • People with family history of pulmonary embolisms
  • People with history of blood clots 
  • People with history of DVT
  • Those on the contraceptive pill or HRT
  • Cancer or heart failure patients
  • People with varicose veins

Professional Applications

This cushion is designed to prevent DVT, and is therefore recommended as stock in the following facilities:

  • Healthcare environments, including hospitals and medical environments
  • Care, nursing and residential homes (particularly those with older patients)
  • Rehabilitation centres, including physiotherapy and sports therapy clinics
  • Personal homes, particularly for people at increased risk of developing DVT

Who Can Use the Airogym Portable Exercise Cushion?

We would recommend that the Airogym is used by:

  • Elderly: The older you are, the higher chance you have of developing DVT. Allowing you to blow-up the cushion to a desired level of resistance, anyone can complete gentle exercise from the comfort of their seat.
  • Immobile: Immobility is the number one cause of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Provide gentle resistance exercise wherever and whenever you please.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is known to increase the chances of you developing DVT, with approximately one in a 1000 women developing the condition while pregnant. Boost circulation during pregnancy with Airogym. You can even lie on your back and use the cushion against the wall for painful lower legs and ankles.
  • Deskbound: Working in an office without walking around can lead to DVT, so bringing the Airogym to work is the perfect solution for painful legs at work.
  • Post-Operative Care: During post operative care it is common to develop swollen legs and ankles, with the development of ulcers also been common. Use the Airogym after a hospital stay to help you on your road to recovery.
  • Long Plane Rides: If you are sitting still for over four hours, there is a risk of DVT developing. The Airogym helps you to stimulate blood flow, lowering your risk of DVT.

How Do I Use the Airogym Exercise Cushion?

Once inflated, you can use the Airogym Cushion to exercise. This is fairly easy to do, and once you're used to it, you can alternate the positions in which you exercise. To use:

  • Main Exercises:
    1. Position one foot on cushion with heel on the one pad, toe on the other. Alternate heel then toe press. Repeat onto the other foot.
    2. Position heels on cushion and keep your toes on the floor. Alternate heel pressing which should work the back of the calf.
    3. Position toes onto the cushion and push your heels on the floor. Press down on your toes which should work the front of your shins.
    4. Position both feet on the cushion. Press down on each foot, which should work the thighs.
  • Alternative Exercises:
    1. Place the Airogym on your lap and alternate hand presses for working the upper body.
    2. Place the Airogym under your legs while lying and press down on each leg.
    3. Place the Airogym under the armpit and rock the arm against the chest.
    4. Squeeze the Airogym alternatively with both hands.
    5. Place the Airogym behind the neck when lying and rock the head from side to side.
    6. Place Airogym between the knees and squeeze.

How Do I Inflate the Airogym Cushion for DVT?

To inflate the Airogym, you simply blow into the air valve on the cushion. This can be done as if you are manually inflating an airbed. Blow to a level that you find comfortable.

How Does the Airogym Exercise Cushion Tackle DVT?

DVT is a blood clot that forms in the deep veins in the body that transport blood back to your heart. DVT generally occurs in the deep veins in your calf muscles, which can be dangerous if a clot breaks off and blocks blood flow to your heart.

The Airogym Cushion allows you to exercise your lower legs while stationary, which forces blood into the main veins in the calf. This pressure causes muscular contraction of the calf muscle, which frees up the blood and keeps it moving. By improving circulation, you can reduce the chances of blood clots forming.

How Easy Is the Airogym Portable Cushion to Use?

The Airogym is designed for use by most people, therefore it is very easy to use. The device requires inflating by the air valve (as if inflating a lilo), and then can be instantly used. You can use it by pressing down on either side, using the instructions above as a guide.

Scientifically Backed for Preventing DVT

Resistance exercises are backed by science for improving the circulation in your lower legs. Studies show that exercise against resistance is effective at increasing peak flow velocity and absolute flow through the veins, meaning that with the Airogym, you can be confident that the exercises are having a positive effect.

How Easy Is the Airogym Pillow for DVT to Travel With?

The Airogym is popular among travellers, particularly on long haul flights when you don't get much chance to stretch your legs. Compact and lightweight, the Airogym takes up minimal space in your travel bag, perfect for bringing on a flight.

Why Is the Airogym Ideal for the Elderly and Those with Immobility?

If you are older and suffer from immobility, then getting time to walk can prove more difficult. The Airogym is perfect for reducing joint and lower leg pain without having to move from your chair. By improving blood flow, you can improve quality of life.


  • Weight: 65g
  • Size (WxH): 160mm x 160mm
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