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Cederroth Eye Wash Station

Cederroth Eye Wash Station
 Cederroth Eye Wash StationCederroth Eye Wash Station 
  • Wall-mountable eye wash station
  • Ideal for all workplaces with high risk of eye injuries
  • Sodium chloride solution lasts for over four years
  • Effective against acid and alkali chemical spills




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Brand:  Cederroth

Cederroth Eye Wash Station

Immediately administer treatment for sore and irritated eyes with the Cederroth Eye Wash Station. With a wall mountable construction, this station can remain visible and accessible in emergencies, making this a staple investment for all establishments. Including a supply of reliable saline solution bottles, users can effectively administer treatment for injuries caused by dust, dirt, chemical splashes and more.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Dispenser
  • 2 x 500ml Eye Wash Bottles
  • 40 x Sterile Textile Plasters
  • 45 x Sterile Plastic Plasters
  • 1 x Eye Wash Instructions
  • 1 x Key

Suitable Applications

Due to its protective windows and wall mountable construction, the First Aid Station is recommended for any indoor or outdoor environment that's required to provide first aid supplies, including:

  • Laboratories
  • Warehouses
  • Food Handling Environments
  • Sports and Leisure Centres
  • Schools

Key Features and Benefits

  • Hygienic case with protective window and rubber edges to shield supplies from contamination
  • Wall-mountable construction for station to remain visible at all times and easily accessible
  • Supplied with reliable, neutralising saline solution bottles for effective treatment of injured/contaminated eyes
  • First aid supplies have a shelf life of 4.5 years
  • Includes pilfer proof plaster dispenser for treatment of other injuries and management of supplies
  • Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Encourages wellness within all establishments
  • User-friendly design suitable for unqualified first aid responders

Designed for Ease of Use During Emergencies

The Cederroth Eye Wash Station is designed to be easily accessed in an emergency. The provided eye wash bottles open automatically when twisted out of their holders, and their 500ml size allows the user to cleanse their eyes with a good flow of liquid for around 90 seconds. 

The station also comes with easy-to-understand graphic and written instructions, and a Salvequick Plaster Dispenser. Simply pull out a plaster and one side is uncovered for easy application with just one hand. 

Longest Lifespan on the Market

Eye injuries are quite rare, but when they eventually do happen, it's imperative that there is an Eye Wash Station available. Not only do the Cederroth Eye Wash Station's bottles of eye wash have a shelf life of 4.5 years, but the station also has a rubber seal around the door to keep out dirt, dust, and moisture, ensuring they remain useable for a long time, ready in the event of an emergency.

Effective Against Chemical Splashes

Chemical splashes are often crippling, and just a simple accident can permanently affect your vision. The Cederroth Eye Station contains two bottles of their proprietary saline solution eye wash, which works to neutralise both acid and alkali in order to restore your eye's natural pH level.

Durable Design for Long Term Use

The Eye Wash Station is made from a sturdy plastic and has a rubber sealant around the door to protect its contents. The station is also lockable, with its high level of protection making it ideal for use in even the toughest environments.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 56cm x 29cm x 12cm

Delivery Information

This product is usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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