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Cederroth First Aid and Burn Station

Cederroth First Aid and Burn Station
  • Hygienic first aid and burn station with a clear display
  • Door protects against dirt and dust, suitable for outdoor environments
  • Fully stocked with medical supplies, including plasters and bandages and more
  • Contains extra compartments to adapt the station to your specific needs




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Brand:  Cederroth

Cederroth First Aid and Burn Station

Professional kitchens have some of the most stringent hygiene regulations of any industry, as well as the highest rate of workplace burns. The Cederroth First Aid and Burn Station was designed and created with the needs of the food industry in mind, equipping every kitchen with the means to treat all minor burns and cuts. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Dispenser
  • 2 x Cederroth 4-in-1 Bloodstoppers
  • 3 x Cederroth 4-in-1 Mini Bloodstoppers
  • 2 x Cederroth Burn Gel Dressings (Pack of 2)
  • 2 x Cederroth Burn Gel Sprays, 50ml
  • 1 x Cederroth Soft Foam Dispenser including Soft Foam Blue,
  • 1 x Salvequick Plaster Dispenser including Blue Detectable Plasters (35 regular and 30 regular/fingertip)
  • 1 x Salvequick Wound Cleanser (Pack of 20)
  • 1 x Breathing Mask
  • 1 x First Aid Instructions
  • 1 x Refill Key
  • 1 x Drill Template

Customisable Components

Every kitchen is different, and the Cederroth First Aid and Burn Station is built to reflect that. With two customisable compartments, you can restock the station with whichever first aid supplies your kitchen needs the most. 

How Does the First Aid and Burn Station Protect its Contents?

The First Aid and Burn Station is wall-mountable, so it can be both kept out of the way and easily accessed. The station also features a protective door on the front made from see-through plastic, which keeps the station's supplies fresh and hygienic and allows you to see when it needs to be restocked. 

Designed to Reduce Waste

The Cederroth First Aid and Burn Station comes equipped with a pilfer-proof plaster dispenser, which can only be restocked using a key. When one plaster is taken from the dispenser, another appears in its place, reducing waste and cutting down on contamination from blood and dirt. 

Perfect for Working with Food

Plasters in customers' food are bad for business, so the First Aid and Burn Station comes stocked with easily visible blue plasters and bandages. It also contains Cederroth's proprietary Burn Gel, perfect for any minor burns sustained in the kitchen. 


  • Base: 29cm
  • Height: 56cm
  • Depth: 12cm

Delivery Expectations

Please note the standard delivery expectation for Safety First Aid products is 3 - 5 days from confirmation of order. Please take this into account when placing an order. 

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