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Trauma First Aid Kits

Browse our range of comprehensive Trauma First Aid Kits, specially designed to provide life-saving treatment in more serious incidents. These kits feature high-performance instruments such as tourniquets, survival blankets and haemostatic dressings that serve as extremely effective and immediate treatment options during accidents, whilst waiting for emergency medical services. Invest in our kits to potentially save a life!

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Evolution Electric Shock Rescue Point

Evolution Electric Shock Rescue Point£302.81

  • Wall-mountable, highly visible electric shock rescue station
  • Essential for workplaces with a heightened risk of electrocution
  • Includes comprehensive first aid and rescue equipment for reduced fatalities
  • Supplied with user-friendly guidance posters for safe treatment of casualties
HypaGuard FRED PA-1 Defibrillator Station

HypaGuard FRED PA-1 Defibrillator Station£1,124.99

  • Fully automatic FRED PA-1 AED defibrillator
  • Wall-mountable construction for storage and easy access
  • Perfect for use in the workplace, schools and more
  • Supplied with user-friendly instructions - no medical experience needed!
Safety First Aid Personal Trauma Kit with Chito-SAM 100 Z-Fold Dressing

Safety First Aid Personal Trauma Kit with Chito-SAM 100 Z-Fold Dressing£99.16

  • Personal trauma kit designed for immediate response during traumatic events
  • High quality nylon bag with belt attached allowing it to be worn or carried at all times
  • Essential kit for all environments to be prepared for emergencies
  • Includes high-performance haemostatic devices to stop lethal blood loss
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