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HypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash Station

HypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash Station
HypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash StationHypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash StationHypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash StationHypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash Station
  • Wall-mountable eye wash station 
  • Ideal for workplaces with a high risk of eye injury
  • Unique eye wash solution neutralises acidic and alkaline solutions
  • Provides 2.2 litres of eye wash, above HSE guidance




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Brand:  HypaClens

HypaClens 3-in-1 Eye Wash Station

To prevent lasting damage and debilitating injuries, it is vital that any eye contaminants are washed out as quickly and effectively as possible. The HypaClens 3-in-1 Eyewash Station is the ideal solution for any workplace that has a high risk of particulates or chemicals entering the eyes. 

.What's Included?

  • 2 x 500ml Sterile Saline Eye Wash Bottles
  • 2 x 500 ml Cederroth Eye Wash
  • 10 x 20ml Eye Wash Pods
  • 1 x Mirror
  • 1 x Guidance Poster
  • 2 x Eye Dressings
  • 1 x Evolution Case
  • 1 x Evolution Case Bracket
  • 2 x Cederroth Eye Wash Bottle Brackets
  • 1 x Wall Mounting set

Does the HypaClens Eye Wash Station Help to Reduce Waste?

To keep their contents sterile, the HypaClens Eye Wash Station's individual wash pods and bottles are single-use and cannot be closed again once opened. However, different contaminants require different amounts of eye wash solution. This station helps to reduce waste by offering a range of options, allowing you to only use the right item for your eye injury.

  • 20ml pods are perfect for minor irritations, like dust, particulates, or small insects
  • 500ml Sterile Saline Solutions allow you to rinse your eye for longer while others look for further assistance
  • 500ml Cederroth Eye wash bottles are great at combatting chemical splashes

Ideal for Chemical Spills

The HypaClens Station contains Cederroth Eye Wash, which is more useful than traditional saline solutions or tap water for combatting irritations from chemical splashes. Made using a borate-buffered sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution, it neutralises both acidic and alkaline chemicals, helping to restore your eye to its normal pH-level and reducing damage.

Does the Eye Wash Station Fix to the Wall?

It is crucial that the Eye Wash Station is easily accessed, so it was designed to be easily wall-mountable. The station is supplied with brackets to secure the eye wash bottles and all the mountings needed to fix it to the wall. 

Is the Eye Wash Station Easy to Use?

Since the eye wash bottles cannot be closed after opening, there isn't much opportunity to practice using them, so the Eye Wash Station come with full graphic and written instructions on how to cleanse your eyes. Make sure to study these properly when you receive the station so you're ready in case of an emergency. 


  • Width: 84cm
  • Height: 59.5cm

Delivery Expectations

Please note the standard delivery expectation for Safety First Aid products is 3 - 5 days from confirmation of order. Please take this into account when placing an order. 

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