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Bodymedics 3-Panel Knee Immobiliser

Bodymedics 3-Panel Knee Immobiliser
  • Comfortable and supportive knee immobiliser ensures a speedy recovery
  • For pre and post knee operation, patella dislocations, and ligament injuries
  • 5 T bars allow for complete customisation, guaranteeing a perfect fit
  • Various size options ensure there is a perfect size for everyone
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Brand:  Bodymedics

Bodymedics 3-Panel Knee Immobiliser

Knee injuries and surgeries take a serious toll on the body. When recovering from these issues, it's essential to immobilise the knee so that it heals in the right place, and in the right way, to ensure a full and flawless recovery. The Bodymedics 3-Panel Knee Immobiliser aids recovery from various knee injuries, by both protecting the knee from further damage, and by comforting existing tenderness using a soft, towelling-lined interior.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Knee immobiliser

  • 5 x T bar aluminium stays

Which Size is Right For Me?

The Bodymedics 3-Panel Knee Immobiliser is available in six different sizes. Please consult the table below for details and select the appropriate size for you from the drop-down menu above.

Size Length
Size 12 12" (30cm)
Size 16 16" (40cm)
Size 18 18" (45cm)
Size 20 20" (50cm)
Size 22 22" (55cm)
Size 24 24" (60cm)

When to Use a Knee Immobiliser

A knee immobiliser might come handy for a number of knee injuries. However, we recommend using the 3 Panel Knee Immobiliser under the following circumstances:

  • Patella dislocations

  • Ligament injuries

  • Pre and post knee operation

  • Mild - moderate ligament injuries

  • Soft tissue injuries

How Should a Knee Immobiliser Fit?

The knee immobiliser should be halfway up your thigh, and halfway down your calf. This allows the immobiliser to restrict movement throughout the entirety of the leg, protecting you from disrupting the healing process. The fit of the immobiliser itself should be firm but not painful – the key is that it successfully immobilises you.

Key Features 

  • Firm, 3-panel design eliminates movement, promoting healing

  • Foam laminate with towel lining soothes and protects

  • Fully bound edges provide durability and support

  • 5 detachable side bars with hooks allow for easy positioning

  • Accommodates any size or width of leg - suitable for bariatrics

  • Loop fasteners guarantee a secure fit, keeping the area safe 

  • Machine washable for simple but effective hygiene

  • 6 different lengths guarantee the perfect fit for everyone

What Materials Are Used in The 3 Panel Knee Immobiliser?

This immobiliser perfectly blends safety with comfort, and does so by utilising high-quality materials. The exterior, made of foam laminate, provides rigid protection against movement or bumping. The interior, made of towelling, provides a sumptuous feel, perfect for wear throughout the day. 

Removable T Bars

The 3 Panel Knee Immobiliser is supplied with 5 T bar aluminium stays. These are secured to the immobiliser with loop fasteners, creating a fit totally customised to each user. These are simple and easy to remove for personalisation and to aid laundering.

TalarMade 3 Panel Knee Immobiliser
Aluminium T bars are removable or easy customisation

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