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30 March 2017  |  Eugene

When it comes to selecting medical equipment for your practice, care home or office, nothing but the best should suffice. Quality medical supplies will last years and pay for themselves long after cheap equipment has succumbed to wear and tear. That's why we're so excited to have the Sunflower Medical range of products on, adding a wide array of top quality products to serve the medical community. From seating to cabinets to hygiene products, Sunflower Medical can provide everything needed to start your practice off on the right foot or boost the quality of care provided in existing facilities.

The Sunflower Guarantee

Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Sunflower Medical aim to create the best products on the market with the use of intuitive design and solid engineering. Leaders in the medical supply industry, they are continuously developing and innovating new ranges and technologies to ensure that their products are functional, stylish, user friendly and one step ahead of the competition. Sunflower create and design the ideas of tomorrow, using their extensive on-site manufacturing facility to meet consumer demand with a steady stream of rigorously tested and reliable products.

Hygienic and Safe

Since nothing is more important than hygiene within a medical facility, all Sunflower Medical products are designed with cleanliness in mind. From the very beginning of the design process, Sunflower engineers and designers ensure that areas where dirt and bacteria could be trapped within a product are minimised. They also focus on the ease of cleaning their products, with smooth corners and easy-wipe materials to minimise the amount of cleaning work on the part of medical teams, letting them focus on the important matters at hand.

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Each product is supplied complete with a cleaning guideline, letting the user know the most efficient cleaning methods and the damaging materials to stay away from in order to get the most out of their purchase. Designed to be long-lasting and maintenance free, Sunflower Medical use high quality components to ensure that every product they make is up to their high standards, ensuring a long life and years of use.

UK Owned and UK Made

The cornerstone of the Sunflower Medical team is their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that allows world-class products to be constructed efficiently and reliably. This facility is based in Bradford, with all assembly, manufacturing and distribution taking place on one central site. The streamlined design of the facility provides an ability to exceed common design standards while providing high levels of service, promptness and efficiency. Their high-tech CNC, machining, drilling, spraying and pressing facilities enable them to provide high quality products to customers whether it's a single order or an entire range of equipment. 

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Sunflower didn't get to be the top manufacturer of medical equipment in the UK based on location alone, as it is their embracing of modern technology that has allowed them to become the organisation they are today. Their facilities are guided by specialised product designers boasting many years of experience in the healthcare field, with plenty of new ideas to push their products into the modern world. With the use of 'concept to reality' design, these engineers use the latest modelling CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create anything from a single product to an entire room-full of products that all work together to create the best environment possible.

Specially Designed Packages

While Sunflower Medical supplies almost any type of medical furniture you can think of, one of their best assets is their ability to tailor specific product packages that work together. These packages provide everything needed for a modern treatment or clinic room, with a number of different packages to suit a variety of different environments and uses.

For those requiring a more expansive furniture package for a larger or more complete examination room, a range of other furniture packages are available, all competitively priced. You can see what Furniture Package 1 looks like in a functional medical room in the image below.

sunflower medical furniture package one in a medical room

A Name You Can Trust

Whether you're in the market for a single piece of medical furniture to complete your medical room, or are looking for a range of products to completely fit your room to medical standards from scratch, Sunflower Medical can do it all. With experienced engineers, high-quality UK-based manufacturing facilities and user-friendly products, Sunflower Medical are putting the competition to shame with their medical equipment prowess. These factors, combined with the positive feedback they've received from top-quality facilities, make Sunflower Medical a well-respected and trusted name in the medical equipment industry. Shop the entire range of Sunflower Medical products today from Medical Supplies, with free UK delivery on all orders over £65.

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