Prevent Falling with our Non-Slip Baby Socks for Toddlers

15 August 2019

When a toddler first starts to walk, they will fall an average of 69 times per hour. Toddlers are incredibly unstable and even after two years a toddler will still fall around 38 times a day. Despite this they are confident, and this doesn't stop them from trying to run, jump and climb.

Mats are a great way to prevent your baby from slipping
Mats are a great way to prevent your baby from slipping

If you're toddler is particularly clumsy, then you'll need to babyproof your house to prevent them from hurting themselves on sharp corners or edges. Don't worry, falling is normal for toddlers, but if you are still concerned after you've babyproofed your house then help is at hand in the shape of non-slip grip socks for toddlers. Non-slip Grip Socks work by using a textured tread that sticks to the floor, ideal for getting to grips with walking.

How Old Are Babies When They Start to Walk?

Most babies will start to crawl between six and ten months. It isn't completely uncommon for babies to skip straight past the crawling stage and onto the walking stage, but usually you can expect a couple of months of crawling before your baby will take its first steps. After one year it's probably time to consult a paediatrician, but that is extremely uncommon.

How Often Should Babies and Toddlers Fall?

It's hard to tell how often is too often, as babies and toddlers will fall a lot. When we say a lot we mean a lot, with new walkers falling dozens of times every single hour! We wouldn't suggest that you worry, but if your toddler does often hurt themselves while on the move, then we would recommend buying baby grip socks to prevent slipping.

How Can I Prevent My Baby or Toddler from Falling?

Aside from usual prevention measures such as baby gates, babyproofing sharp edges and corners, and removing fall hazards from your home, you could always try our Non-Slip Grip Socks for Toddlers. Our collection comes in two sizes that should fit either baby or toddler feet.

Medline Non-Slip Socks for Infants and Toddlers

Here at, we sell a number of non-slip socks. For young children, they are provided in two different sizes, meaning that you can buy socks both for babies and for toddlers. The socks are comfortable, warm and designed to stretch over the feet to ensure that they won't come off during use.

Our Non Slip Baby Socks
Our Non-Slip Toddler Socks

Their cosy, supple interior is supported by tread on the exterior that fits underneath the socks. This tread sticks to the floor and reduces the chances of your toddler from slipping. Finally, the socks actually absorb perspiration which helps to promote hygiene and improves comfort.

How Do I Purchase the Correct Baby Grip Socks?

To purchase the correct socks, it's important to choose the right socks for you. We sell anti-slip socks for infants in packs of five, in singles, and in two different sizes, which allows you to find socks suitable for baby infants who are just starting to crawl, and toddlers who are getting to grips with walking. You can find the socks for you below:

Medline Single Tread Teal Non-Slip Socks for Toddlers

You can purchase our Medline Single Tread Non-Slip Socks for Toddlers either in packs of Five Pairs, or Singles Pairs. Supplied in the colour teal, these socks are stretchy, so should fit over the feet of most young toddlers. These are recommended for toddlers who have got to grips with walking, but still spend time falling over.

Medline Single Tread Yellow Non-Slip Socks for Babies

As their name suggests, our Medline Non-Slip Socks for Babies are designed for infants, and can prevent infants from falling when they're just starting to walk. Again, available in Five Pairs or as Single Pairs, these socks should be able to fit over the feet of most minors. Supplied in a yellow colour, these socks provide warmth and comfort, while preventing falls and slips.

Non Slip Grip Socks for Babies

Non-Slip Grip Socks for Babies

Buy Non-Slip Socks Now!

You can buy non-slip socks not just for toddlers, and we sell a wide range of Fall Prevention socks for adults with small feet, large feet, and extra large feet. If you have information or have anything to add, please leave a comment in the comments below.

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