Our Top 6 Disposable Medical Gloves 2024

17 August 2023

The main aim of medical gloves is to prevent cross-contamination between caregivers and their patients. Usually made from latex, nitrile or vinyl, these disposable gloves are designed to offer maximum dexterity and sensitivity, without the threat of breaking, leaking or tearing. Occasionally that will happen, so depending on what your job is in the medical industry, choosing the right medical glove is crucial.

Here at MedicalSupplies.co.uk, we sell a wide range of medical gloves that are sourced from across the world, and trusted by doctors, surgeons and the NHS. To help you find the medical gloves for you, we've created this short guide giving you Our Best Medical Gloves 2024:

Our Best Surgical Gloves

Cardinal Health Protexis Latex Essential Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves

Cardinal Health Protexis Latex Essential Sterile Powder Free Surgical GlovesWhat We Love: The Cardinal Health Protexis Latex Essential Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves are suitable for a huge variety of operations, in addition to top layering when double gloving. With 17μg/dm² or less of water for enhanced strength and flexibility, combined with the ultra-thin 0.21mm construction, these gloves increase user sensitivity for use in the most intricate surgical procedures. They also feature a triple-dip coating which combines latex and nitrile for easy donning and strength reinforcement.

Not the Best For... high risk surgical procedures and drug administration. Instead, why not try the iNtouch INTW10 Powder-Free Micro Textured Latex Surgical Gloves, designed for the highest level of dexterity for precision, control and comfort? Also designed for administration of chemotherapy and radiological treatments, these gloves are your best choice for microtextured, ultra-gripping gloves.


Our Best Nitrile Medical Gloves

Unigloves Nitrile Accelerator-Free Gloves GM005

Unigloves Nitrile Accelerator-Free Gloves GM005What We Love: Accelerator, zinc and sulphur-free, the Unigloves Nitrile Accelerator-Free Gloves GM005 are the best design for medics with irritable skin. With an incredibly low modulus formulation, chlorinated finish for smoothness and with hand fatigue reduction in mind, these gloves are the best option for facilities dealing with more vulnerable patients, including care homes, nurseries, as well as manufacturing, food handling and other more general uses.

Not the Best For... Taking care of your hand health, unlike the Aurelia Blush Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves which feature anti-aging and moisturising properties. Providing enhanced tactility for hand protection that still allows you to remain as dexterous as possible, (an obviously essential quality in medical and health industries), these gloves make nitrile great again.


Our Best Cleanroom Gloves 

Nitrex CX400 400mm Non-Sterile Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves

Nitrex CX400 400mm Non-Sterile Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves

What We Love: The Nitrex CX400 400mm Non-Sterile Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves are clean-processed for low levels of particles and extractables, plus they feature an elbow-length cuff for total protection of the wrists and forearms. Packed win cleanroom-compatible packaging for avoidance of cross-contamination, these gloves ensure safety to the masses in aerospace, biotech, military, optics, pharmaceuticals and food packaging spaces. They also have a Freedom From Holes (AQL) rating of 1.5 plus Force at Break of 6 Newtons for a strong, sturdy design that keeps hands safe. 

Not the Best For... a long shelf life of five years, unlike the Fisherbrand Nitrile Indigo Category 3 Disposable PPE Gloves (Pack of 200). With impeccable chemical resistance to acids and alkalis, hydrocarbons, oils, ammonia, mineral oils, petroleum and solvents, these gloves can be used to safely handle a variety of hazardous substances for total reassurance. They also feature great gas permeability, resilience and rebound properties to protect your hands and your results!


Our Best Latex-Free Surgical Gloves

Cardinal Health Protexis PI Micro Latex-Free Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves

Cardinal Health Protexis PI Micro Latex-Free Sterile Powder Free Surgical GlovesWhat We Love: The Cardinal Health Protexis PI Micro Latex-Free Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves feature the same chemical structure as Latex, reaping its benefits while avoiding its allergenic properties and generally uncomfortable feel. With an ultra-thin design of just 0.20mm at the fingers, these gloves offer the highest level of tactility when it's needed most.

Not the Best For... the easiest donning - but for a great solution try the Cardinal Health Protexis PI Blue Latex-Free Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves. Alongside their PI formulation these gloves feature a unique Neu-Thera emollient coating made from glycerine, provitamin B5 and gluconolactone for comfort, ease of slipping on and off, while also soothing and moisturising those sore doctor's hands!


Our Best Vinyl Medical Gloves

Polyco Finesse Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves MPF25

Polyco Finesse Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves MPF25

What We Love: The Polyco Finesse Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves are a latex-free alternative for medium-risk medical applications such as care work and examinations. They are designed to resist penetration from micro-organisms, while the dexterous and sensitive design means that you are totally in control during a medical procedure. Textured fingertips offer a higher level of grip, meaning that you can be safe in the knowledge that your patient is in the best possible hands.

Not the Best For... extremely thin vinyl gloves for a broader range of applications. For a solution, try the Aurelia Delight Powder Free Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves, featuring a thiuram free design plus a three year guarantee. With a straight finger design for easy application and removal, these gloves improve hygiene thanks to a glueless construction for safe use in medical and food prep applications - safely meeting Class 1 medical device conformity and food contact requirements.


Our Best Medical Gloves for Students 

Kimberly-Clark Kimtech Purple Nitrile Xtra Gloves (Pack of 50)

Kimberly-Clark Kimtech Purple Nitrile Xtra Gloves (Pack of 50)

What We Love: The Kimberly-Clark Kimtech Purple Nitrile Xtra Gloves (Pack of 50) are suitable for the most general range of use in janitorial, catering and lab research facilities, making them perfect for students and people in training in these industries. With an extra long design of 300mm for enhanced protection against static, chemical splashes, micro organism and food contact, these gloves are the strongest construction Kimberly-Clark have to offer. 

Not the Best For... convenient use in huge spaces needing large multipacks. For our best alternative, try the Kimberly-Clark Professional Kimtech G3 Sterile Sterling Nitrile Gloves (600 Pack), for use in larger university labs, experiment facilities and training centres. Perfect for use by men and women and with a latex-free material for educational use, these gloves offer convenience for the best quality teaching available. 


Choosing the Right Medical Gloves

Choosing the right medical gloves is extremely important. There are plenty of different glove materials out there that claim to be ideal for medical environments, however some materials are better suited for different tasks. Generally, the type of task you're doing will dictate the type of glove that you choose, so before we begin, here's a short guide so you know where you are when it comes to buying your first box of medical-grade gloves.

  • Latex Gloves: Latex is super reliable, offering strength, sensitivity, flexibility and is slightly more affordable than nitrile.

  • Nitrile Gloves: The nemesis of latex is nitrile, a tough competitor that offers better durability and strength. It does lack in flexibility though, and users can find it a little less comfortable.

  • Vinyl Gloves: It's easy to forget about vinyl because it isn't considered as strong as its counterparts. However, what it lacks in strength it makes up for in usability, with impressive comfort, affordability and flexibility.

Protect You and Your Patient

Making sure that you wear the correct medical and surgical gloves is important. We understand this as well as you, which is why we sell a wide range of different gloves to ensure that you can find the gloves that you require. Below you can find links to our wider range of medical gloves.

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