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23 March 2017  |  John

Marsden have provided the British medical industry with accurate, reliable and long-lasting scales for over 90 years. The leading supplier of weighing equipment for NHS hospitals, Marsden offer an exceptionally wide selection of medical scales to suit a range of facilities and budgets. 

Bluetooth-Equipped for Telehealth

To provide accurate and reliable care for patients both inside and outside care facilities, a wide selection of Marsden medical scales are available with Bluetooth connectivity. This enables the scales to be connected to telehealth systems, giving care providers the ability to monitor  a patient’s weight and health remotely. Telehealth systems are employed by a wide range of care facilities, and Bluetooth connectivity enables them and you to take full advantage of the high accuracy levels offered by Marsden scales for telehealth systems.

Innovative and Accurate Weighing for Every Need

Marsden scales have been designed and developed to offer innovative weighing solutions to meet every need a hospital, care facility or care provider may have. Marsden bed scales, for example, enable patients to be weighed while still in bed without even needing to leave their room. This is perfect for patients who are unable to leave their beds, ensuring that their weight can be accurately measured without having to use uncomfortable hoist scales.

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Alongside innovative weighing solutions, Marsden scales also provide incredibly accurate measurements. Their body composition scales utilise an algorithm that provides results closer to Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) than any other scale on the market, ensuring that patients’ body composition can be accurately measured without having to undergo invasive and uncomfortable procedures.

A Variety of Scales for a Variety of Needs

To ensure that hospitals can get the exact scales for their exact needs, a huge range of Marsden scales are available for different patients and different uses. Marsden baby scales are ideal for midwives, maternity wards and health visitors in the community to ensure newborns are growing and developing into healthy children. For adult patients, Marsden floor scales are ideal for measuring patients in a range of medical settings, including GPs’ surgeries, doctor’s offices and more. 

Marsden also offer scales designed to provide GPs’ surgeries with a “one size fits all” solution. The Marsden M-700 scale is perfect for measuring patients of all ages, and provides GPs with a single weighing solution for everyone – from babies to the elderly.

Accredited and Approved

All Marsden professional medical scales are Class III approved, legally certifying them for use by medical professionals for monitoring, diagnosing and treating patients. This ensures that your facility is getting equipment that meets and exceeds legal standards for medical use, to ensure that you can provide the best level of care for your patients. 

Used Around the World

As well as being heavily used by medical professionals in their home country of the UK, Marsden medical scales are also used by doctors and medical facilities in 18 countries across the world, from Australia to the United States and beyond, helping you know that your scales are trusted by medical practitioners on a truly global scale.

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