Finding the Right Seating for Your Waiting Area

20 March 2017

Providing exemplary care during treatments and examinations is paramount for ensuring high levels of patient satisfaction. However, for many patients the healthcare experience begins before their appointment; the time spent beforehand in waiting rooms can impact on patient stress levels and subsequently affect the success of the consultations.

Ensuring there is adequate seating in waiting rooms and reception areas can help to relax patients, particularly during extended wait times. There is a wide variety of seating and chairs available, and finding the right furnishings for each specific medical environment can significantly improve patient disposition and care.

Seating for Therapists' Clinics

Receiving therapy can be a daunting experience, so providing comfortable seating can help reduce any anxiety surrounding such treatments. The Sunflower Medical Atlas High-Back Vinyl Patient Armchair is both sturdy and comfortable, with the added benefit of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial upholstery. It is also available with a winged back for added support.

Sunflower Medical Atlas High-Back Vinyl Patient Armchair

Seating for Easy Access

Specialist clinics that provide care for patients with reduced or limited mobility should provide chairs that enable easy access. For example, the Sunflower Medical Atlas High-Back Vinyl Patient Armchair with Drop Arms and Wings provides a supportive back and armrests, but also allows for easier access as the drop arms can be adjusted and lowered to provide easier patient access.

The Atlas High-Back Armchairs are also available in a bariatric design, which will be ideal for providing attentive patient care in clinics that specialise in bariatric treatments.

Sunflower Medical Atlas Bariatric High-Back ArmChair With Wings

Seating for Paediatric Care

It is crucial to ensure the safety of young patients in paediatric clinics as much as possible, and finding the right seating can help with this. Providing chairs with rounded corners, such as those of the Sunflower Medical Plastic Vinyl Venus Visitor Three-Section Seating, will reduce the risk of children stumbling into sharp corners and becoming hurt or injured.

The Venus Visitor Seating can be easily wiped down to help minimise the spread of germs between children and other patients. They can also a touch of colour to paediatric waiting rooms, available in a range of colours including yellow, lilac, and mint green.

Sunflower Medical Veuns Visitor Three-Section Seating

Seating for A&E

In busy medical environments such as accident and emergency rooms, patient numbers can be high, so it is important to ensure that plenty of durable seating is provided. The Sunflower Medical Five-Seat Modular Visitor Seating is made from polypropylene for easier cleaning, and the chrome fixtures help ensure reliability for frequent use.

As the Five-Seat Modular Visitor Seating also features arm rests and a moulded shape, it will be ideal for providing patients with comfort during extended waiting times.

Sunflower Medical Five-Seater Seating

Seating for First Aid and Pop-Up Medical Rooms

There will be times when furnishings need to be more portable and mobile. For example, in remote areas such as at music festivals or county shows, temporary first aid rooms will need to be erected to ensure visitor safety. The Bristol Maid Mata Chair Four-Leg Waiting Room Seating will be ideal for such situations.

As the Mata Chair Seating can be stacked, multiple chairs can be moved out of the way with ease in between use, and will make it easier for transporting to and from locations. They can also be easily wiped down in between use to prevent bacteria and germs from being spread, making them a convenient choice for use in multiple locations.

Bristol Maid Mata Chair

Seating for Practice Waiting Rooms

For general practice waiting rooms, seating should be both comfortable and durable, since it will be subjected to frequent use by patients of all ages. The moulded shape of the single Sunflower Medical Neptune Visitor Chair, for example, will ensure patients can be seated comfortably, making them ideal for longer appointment waiting times. It can also be easily cleaned, and provides a stable structure that will be practical for repeated use.

The Neptune Visitor Chairs are also available in a range of colours, including blue, green, ivory, and orange. The chairs are available with arms, and with a choice of vinyl or intervene upholstery, meaning they can be both attractive and supportive for patients.

Sunflower Medical Neptune Visitor Chair

Waiting for the Right Seat?

There's no need to wait any longer to find the perfect seating! At Medical Supplies we provide a wide range of chairs to suit your furnishing needs. So whether you're looking to kit out a brightly coloured children's clinic, furnish a modern dentistry practice, or add a touch of colour with durability to a GP surgery, you can be assured that you can find the ideal seating for you and your patients. 

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