Best Anatomy Models for Medical Students 2024

14 August 2023

Anatomy models are a brilliant gift for medical students - they help you practise for your exams, plus they can make for a pretty awesome piece of decor too! In today's blog, we'll show you the Best Anatomy Models for Medical Students 2024, with options for every type of student and area of medical focus. We'll also propose alternatives for each design  - guaranteeing a design to suit any budget!

Best Anatomical Torso Model

Unisex Torso Anatomical Model (40 Parts)

Unisex Torso Anatomical Model (40 Parts)

Why We Love It: All medical students need a relatively basic understanding of the human torso, making an anatomical model of this area (with interchangeable male and female genitalia), a particularly helpful tool. The Unisex Torso Anatomical Model (40 Parts) offers a deconstructable design that details the respiratory, digestive, urinary and nervous systems. Perfect for a hands-on learning approach, this model gives students a more kinaesthetic experience when grappling hard-to-understand human anatomy.

Not The Best For... Affordability. This design isn't exactly cheap, making it great as a gift for medical students, but no so brilliant for purchasing themselves. For a more affordable solution, we'd recommend the 12-Part Mini Torso for a less refined model that can still be disassembled and put back together again. Coming in a smaller, convenient size, this model still offers quality on a budget, with a hand-painted finish and twelve-part style for use at home or in educational facilities.

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Best Anatomical Skeleton Model

Anatomical Model Life-Size Skeleton

Anatomical Model Life-Size Skeleton

Why We Love It: Life-size skeletons are essential for medical students, since they allow them to understand anatomy correctly and understand how vital organs fit within the context of the human skeleton. The Anatomical Model Life-Size Skeleton features a stand and dust cover, heavy-duty base and detachable skull, arms, legs and three lower teeth for an interactive learning experience. Perfect for a teaching tool for students, this model allows them to understand the human skeleton in the most medically accurate way possible.

Not the Best For... Convenience. Having a life-size skeleton in your student dorm might be a little inconvenient at best, and terrifying at worst! For a smaller, less intimidating version, try the Anatomical Miniature Skeleton Model, designed to sit comfortably on a table top or bedside drawers. 

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Best Anatomical Tooth Model

Classic Tooth Models

Classic Tooth Models

Why We Love It: Perfect for dentistry students, the Classic Tooth Models feature a range of accurate teeth models ranging from 23-29cm, ensuring students can analyse teeth in unbeatable detail. Purchasable as a set or individually, these teeth are all mounted on stands for stylish, albeit quirky display. With some models coming in two or three parts for learning about the tooth's interior construction (and featuring division into longitudinal sections), these models provide clarity on even the tiniest human body parts.

Not the Best For... Bigger models with more clarity. The Molar and Incisor Tooth Models allow for up close inspection of parts of the teeth, including the enamel, dentine, pulp and root canals. In addition, the incisor and molar models can be disassembled and, like the above model, feature longitudinal cross-sections, making them the perfect gift for dental students.

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Best Anatomical Brain Model

2-Part Brain Model

2-Part Brain Model

Why We Love It: We love the detail of the 2-Part Brain Model, which shows accurate anatomy of the brain and is made of unbreakable vinyl for safe use at home, in offices and classrooms. This is the perfect model for psychiatry and psychology medical students (in addition to more general healthcare professionals), due to its anatomically correct nature and life-size detailing. It also features accurate colour detailing, and can be disassembled into two halves for easy visualisation of the brain's inner construction. 

Not the Best For... Large, easy to see visual aids. The Giant Brain Model, 2.5 Times Life Size (14-Part) can be broken down into 14 segments for highly detailed study, making it brilliant for learning in larger groups.

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Best Anatomical Spine 

Anatomical Lifesize Spine with Pelvis Model

Anatomical Lifesize Spine with Pelvis Model

Why We Love It: Every medical student needs to understand the importance of the spinal chord and its role in sustaining the human body. The Anatomical Lifesize Spine with Pelvis Model details size-accuracy of the bones and joints in this area, making it a brilliant model for medical students to see the connection to the pelvic bone. Provided with a chrome stand for easy display, this model is 29" tall and constructed from robust PVC for easy cleaning and sturdiness for student homes and medical facilities.

Not the Best For... Female-specific study of the spinal chord and female pelvis. For an alternative which offers a more gendered study of the human spine, try the Rudiger Flexible Life-Size Anatomical Spine Model with Female Pelvis. With an articulated spine to mimic natural body movements, plus including ultra-soft discs to demonstrate spinal compression, this design offers slightly more accuracy with depiction of movement and deflation.

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Best Anatomical Manikins 

Paediatric Nurse Training Newborn

Paediatric Nurse Training Newborn

What We Love: The Paediatric Nurse Training Newborn is the best model for paediatric medical students, with a life-like style and realistic newborn model for accuracy during training. Coming with internal organs and interchangeable genital organs, this design is suitable for practising a range of care procedures and is supplied with a variety of accessories including a syringe, suction and urinary catheter, feeding tube, urine collection bag and catheter lubricant - giving students as much as possible for their money.

Not the Best For... the advanced study of older children. For an alternative designed to assist with basic or advanced study of paediatric procedures, try the five year old Child Patient Care Mannequin. Featuring rotating limbs, an articulating head, and supplied with clothing and a neck brace, this design can undergo a variety of procedures. Perfect for practising bathing, bandaging, ophthalmic exercises, dental and oral hygiene, tube feeding, IM injection, tracheotomy care, enemas and catheterisation of both genders, this mannequin offers a more diverse range of practice for medical students specialising in older children.

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Best Anatomical Skull

BONElike Deluxe Human Skull Model with Brain and Vertebrae

BONElike Deluxe Human Skull Model with Brain and Vertebrae

What We Love: The half head design of the BONElike Deluxe Human Skull Model with Brain and Vertebrae is the perfect anatomical model for students given that it allows you to locate various important structures. The lower jaw is mounted flexibly, plus the main structure is made of bonelike material (similar in weight, feel and appearance) for the most realistic analysis possible. We love that this design allows students to understand the skeletal construction of the skull in addition to the tissue, cells and arteries within it, for the most detailed study possible. 

Not the Best For... Affordability, especially by students! For a brilliant alternative, we recommend the Erler-Zimmer Osteopathic Skull Model (22-Part), which is an equally accurate model for significantly less money. With 22 dismantlable parts for individual study of each bone, this pin-and-magnet-system is the ideal study tool for osteopaths and anatomy students alike. To boot, it even features a user guide CD and a key card document in a huge range of languages for international learning!

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Best Anatomical Heart

Heart Model (7-Part)

Heart Model (7-Part)

What We Love: This simplistic yet sophisticated heart model is a brilliant tool due to the intuitive design that can be easily disassembled into seven parts. Showing over thirty different regions, the Heart Model (7-Part), can be used with a variety of medical students, from GPs to cardiologists, to just about anyone needing to understand the most important organ in the human body. Coming with a detailed product manual for easy identification, for people starting out in their medical careers, this model can be popped anywhere for a quick, yet smart looking educational model.

Not the Best For... Affordability - making this a brilliant design as a gift for medical students, but not the best for purchasing by medical students. For a more affordable solution, try the Erler-Zimmer Anatomical Heart Model (2-Part). With a removable heart wall display for internal structures of the heart, this model offers a more intuitive design for a fraction of the price.

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Helpful Information About Anatomical Models

Anatomical models are helpful for medical students for a number of reasons. They provide a:

  • Hands-on learning experience: Medical students can interact with the models and physically manipulate them to get a better understanding of the anatomy. This is in contrast to traditional methods of learning anatomy, such as reading textbooks or looking at diagrams, which can be more abstract and difficult to visualize.

  • Three-dimensional view: Anatomical models can provide a three-dimensional view of the anatomy, which can be difficult to see in cadavers or other real-world specimens. This can be especially helpful for understanding complex structures or relationships.

  • Variety of models: There are a variety of anatomical models available, each of which can be used to teach different aspects of anatomy. For example, there are models of the skeleton, muscles, organs, and nervous system. This allows medical students to focus on the specific areas of anatomy that they are learning about.

  • Durability: Anatomical models are typically made of durable materials, such as plastic or resin. This means that they can withstand repeated use and handling, which is important for medical students who need to study anatomy extensively.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Anatomical models can be a cost-effective way to learn anatomy. They are often less expensive than cadavers or other real-world specimens, and they can be reused by multiple students.

In addition to these benefits, anatomical models can also be used to:

  • Practice procedures: Medical students can use anatomical models to practice procedures, such as suturing or inserting an IV. This can help them to develop their skills and confidence before they perform these procedures on real patients.

  • Teach anatomy to others: Medical students can use anatomical models to teach anatomy to other students, such as those in their pre-med classes. This can help them to solidify their own understanding of anatomy and to develop their teaching skills.

Overall, anatomical models are a valuable resource for medical students. They can provide a hands-on, three-dimensional learning experience that can help students better understand the anatomy and to develop their skills.

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