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Trulife Matrix Max 2 Trimmable AFO

Trulife Matrix Max 2 Trimmable AFO
  • Customisable AFO that can be trimmed for the perfect fit
  • For people with unilateral or bilateral drop foot and partial foot amputations
  • Made from carbon composite with reinforced lateral strut for stability
  • Engineered and tested to ISO 22675 with a two-year warranty
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Brand:  Trulife

Trulife Matrix Max 2 Trimmable AFO

If you suffer from drop foot and want to correct your gait or you had partial foot amputation, then the Trulife Matrix Max 2 Trimmable AFO is ideal for you. It has an advanced lateral strut for increased stability and durability while the foot plate can be easily trimmed to fit up to 3 shoe sizes with one product.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Black Ankle Foot Orthosis
  • 1 x Hex Key
  • 2 x Tibial Pads

What is an AFO?

AFO stands for Ankle Foot Orthosis and they're specially designed medical devices to support your foot and ankle. Anyone suffering from drop foot due to weakened nerves or a recent stroke will know the effect that it can have on day-to-day life. These orthotic braces fit into your shoes and provide additional support to keep your foot from falling and aids with recovery.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy-trim foot plate allows fitting of up to 3 shoe sizes with one product
  • Reinforced lateral strut provides greater stability, durability and energy return
  • Anterior shell is heat-mouldable, trimmable and height adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Narrower foot plate in the medial arch makes it easier to fit into shoes
  • Designed to provide comfortable support to those with drop foot
  • Made with lightweight carbon composite for enhanced comfort
  • Extremely easy to apply and remove for improved compliance
  • New and improved soft padding material provides extra pressure relief
  • Comes with two straps for extra security
  • Engineered and tested to two-year warranty period to ISO 22675

Which Size Do I Need?

The Trulife Matrix Max 2 is available in four sizes. Please refer to our sizing table below for more information, taking into account both the 'Support Height' as well as the 'Foot Length' to ensure the AFO will fit comfortably beneath your knee. If your foot length falls within two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger size as the foot plate can be trimmed down.

Size Foot Length Support Height
Small 22 - 24cm (8.5 - 9") 39 - 42cm (15.5 - 16.5")
Medium 24 - 26cm (9.5 - 10.2") 41 - 43cm (16 - 17")
Large 26 - 29cm (10.2 - 11.5") 43 - 46cm (17 - 18")
Extra Large 29 - 31cm (11.5 - 12.2") 43 - 46cm (17 - 18")

Who Can Benefit from Using the Matrix Max 2 AFO?

Drop foot is caused by paralysis of the muscles involved in lifting the front part of the foot. You might find this AFO useful to help with your walking if you've suffered from the following:

  • Stroke
  • Nerve injury
  • Brain and spinal cord disorder
  • Neural muscular atrophy
  • Post surgery
  • General muscle weakness

Which Conditions Is this Support Designed For?

The Trulife Matrix Max 2 is effective for the following conditions:

  • Drop foot (also known as drag foot)
  • Weak ankles
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Peroneal palsy
  • Flaccid foot drop after neurological impairment
  • Moderate spastic equinus foot

How Comfortable Is this Brace?

The updated Matrix range comes with a new and improved soft padding that provides extra pressure relief and enhanced comfort. This particular model is lightweight and streamlined to fit comfortably in your shoes and provides you with a discreet solution to beating foot drop.

How Durable Is the Matrix Max 2?

The Matrix Max 2 is made of strong carbon composite while the advanced reinforced lateral strut provides greater stability and durability.

What Type of Shoes Can I Wear this AFO With?

To ensure your foot plate retains its optimal performance for longer, your footwear should have a firm heel counter, 10mm heel pitch, non-slip flexible sole and enough room to accommodate the orthosis. It should not be worn with high heels and boots.

How Do I Wear The Matrix Max 2?

  1. Remove inlay and place Matrix in shoe.
  2. Place inlay over the top of the Matrix foot plate.
  3. Insert foot into shoes with laces loosened and then fasten straps.
  4. Check fit by performing a trial walk.
    • Ensure your knee is not hyper-extended.
    • Make sure there are no pressure areas which may lead to sores or ulceration.

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