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Thuasne Townsend PediWalker Junior Walker Boot

Thuasne Townsend PediWalker Junior Walker Boot
  • Maintains natural gait with reinforced composite rocker bottom
  • Walker boot is a durable alternative to casting for children
  • Simple integrated strapping for easy application
  • Has lightweight, conformable plastic uprights
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Brand:  Thuasne

Thuasne Townsend PediWalker Junior Walker Boot

Traditional plaster casts are uncomfortable and restrictive, which can make you child restless during their recovery period. The Thuasne Townsend PediWalker Junior Walker Boot is a fantastic alternative, with a reinforced composite rocker that provides support and comfort while allowing your child to walk naturally.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Child's Walker Boot

Sizing Information for the Pediatric Walker Boot

The Townsend PediWalker Junior Boot is available in three different sizes. To find out which is most suitable for your child, use their shoe size to find the correct size.

For a perfect fit, we recommend measuring your child's foot at the longest and widest point, as demonstrated in the image below. Once you have this measurement, please match to the "Recommended Foot Size" in the sizing table.

How to measure your foot

Size UK Shoe Size Recommended Foot Size
Small Child's Size 3 - 6 150 x 52mm
Medium Child's Size 7 - 11 186 x 62mm
Large Child's Size 11 - Adult Size 1.5 210 x 75mm

How Tall Is Each Size?

Size Boot Height
Small 195mm
Medium 245mm
Large 355mm

Our Sizing Tips and Tricks

  • Measuring the dimensions of your child's foot guarantees their foot will fit securely on the base plate
  • Adjusting the tightness of the boot keeps your child comfortable
  • If your child's size/measurements fall on a sizing boundary, select a size up

Easy to Apply

Designed with simple, integrated strapping, the Townsend PediWalker is easy to apply. This makes it ideal for when you need to put the brace on your child quickly or adjust the brace's straps according to their needs. The boot also uses Velcro straps so the tightness of the support and level of immobility can be altered easily.

How Tight Is a Thuasne Paediatric Walker Boot?

Thanks to an array of straps lining the front of the boot, the Thuasne PediWalker is designed to allow the user and child to tailor the fit and tightness of the boot to meet their rehabilitation requirements. If you find your child prefers a looser fit during their recovery, simply adjust the range of straps running up the front of the boot until comfortable.

Features and Benefits of the PediWalker Junior

  • Durable alternative to casting for children
  • Lightweight, conformable plastic uprights
  • Has metal inserts for improved stability
  • Simple integrated strapping
  • Boot can be easy to apply
  • Reinforced composite rocker bottom
  • Bottom allows natural gait
  • Low profile and non-slip tread
  • Available in three sizes

Extra Sturdy for Active Children

The Thuasne PediWalker is designed with active and on-the-go kids in mind. The reinforced composite plastic uprights ensure the foot is kept in place at all times and the textured grip tread on the underside of the boot promotes a healthy grip when used on a range of terrains and surfaces.

Facilitates Shorter Recovery Times

More and more people are choosing to wear a walker boot or brace instead of a cast. As fractures take a long time to heal in normal plaster casts, the Thuasne PediWalker Walker Boot offers an improved alternative with a variety of features. According to research, wearing a walker boot instead of a normal cast can often lead to a shorter recovery period.

Which Conditions Can Be Alleviated With a Paediatric Walker Boot

  • Foot Injury Rehab
  • Fractures
  • Grade 1, 2 and 3 ankle sprains
  • Fixed Fracture Recovery
  • Rehabilitation

Stabilise the Affected Area

Designed with metal inserts, the Junior Walker Boot helps stabilise and support your child's foot and ankle. The walker uses lightweight, conformable plastic uprights to ensure your child doesn't tire too easily when they wear the support.

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