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Pointer Plus Acupuncture Locator and Stimulator

Pointer Plus Acupuncture Locator and Stimulator
  • Acupuncture point locator and trigger point stimulator
  • Suitable for acupuncturists, beginners and home use
  • Stimulates nerves by transmitting electrical current
  • Features a pulse frequency of 10 Hz


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Pointer Plus Acupuncture Locator and Stimulator

The Pointer Plus Acupuncture Locator and Stimulator enables you to locate an acupuncture point, before stimulating that point by sending electrical signals down through the skin and directly into the tissue. Designed to be completely non-invasive and pain free, this form of electroacupuncture therapy is perfect for use in busy clinics or by beginners, and can help relieve the symptoms associated with chronic and post-surgery pain.

What Is the Pointer Plus Locator and Stimulator For?

The Pointer Plus Acupuncture Locator and Stimulator is designed to enable two things. Firstly, the location of acupuncture points within the body, and secondly, to stimulate those pressure points through electrotherapy. This has the dual benefit of reducing the number of mistakes by amateur and beginner acupuncturists, and speeding up the acupuncture process for those who work in busy clinics.

How Do I Use the Pointer Plus Locator and Stimulator?

You can find acupuncture points within the body because a spring-activated detection probe will provide a visual and audible alert when the locator has been pressed against the point. Once you've heard the alert you can switch the settings on the device to stimulation, the level of which can be adjusted with two separate control dials on your device.

Once you've found your pressure point, you can provide electro acupuncture that stimulates the muscles within the patient's body. Battery operated, the device will offer continuous stimulation of your muscles between 0 to 50 milliamps. This will help to provide pain relief while the non-invasive design reduces any pain felt from needles.

How Does the Pointer Plus Work?

The Pointer Plus works in a similar way to a TENS unit. The device sends out a controlled electrical charge that bypasses the skin and passes straight to the patient's nerves and deep tissue, which works to reduce the pain caused by chronic, acute and post-operative pain. From here, you can provide treatment of an area following an injury or provide ongoing therapy for ongoing pain, helping to make lives a little more comfortable.

What Are the Specifications of the Pointer Plus Acupuncture Locator and Stimulator?

The Pointer Plus comes with certain specifications that define what it can be used to treat. These include:

  • Frequency: 10 Hz (fixed)
  • Volts and Current: 0 - 25 bolts, 0 to 50 milliamps
  • Pulse Width: 220 microseconds
  • Pulse Shape: Asymmetric Biphasic Square Wave
  • Pulse Mode: Continuous

Who Should Use the Pointer Plus Locator and Stimulator?

The Pointer Plus Locator and Stimulator is designed for use by a range of different types of acupuncturists. You don't have to use it all the time, and it can be used just when the clinic happens to be a little busier and when you need to save time. Suitable users include:

  • Amateur acupuncturists
  • Beginner acupuncturists
  • Busy acupuncturists
  • Home acupuncturists

Can I Use Pointer Plus Anywhere on the Body?

Electro therapy is non-invasive, and is designed to bypass the skin without causing any damage to the body. The device works with a smaller laser that can actively seek out the acupuncture points below the surface of the skin, however it is completely pain-free. As a result, the device doesn't have any harmful impact on the human body and can be used from the top of the head to the tips of the toes.

Please keep the Pointer Plus away from the eyes.

Is the Pointer Plus Locator and Stimulator Pain Free?

A benefit of using the Pointer Plus is that it removes the need for needles. Although the device does send a small electrical charge through the surface of the skin, this doesn't cause any pain or discomfort, and is well recommended for anyone who is uneasy around needles.

Additional Information

  • Battery: 9V dry battery (not included)

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