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Pointer Pal Acupuncture Point Locator

Pointer Pal Acupuncture Point Locator
  • Handheld acupuncture device for locating acupuncture points
  • Ideal for amateur and beginner acupuncturists
  • Produces a buzzing sound when point is located
  • Suitable for fast identification in a clinic


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Pointer Pal Acupuncture Point Locator

The Pointer Pal Acupuncture Point Locator is an accurate and easy-to-operate trigger point locator that will buzz and produce a flashing light once an acupuncture point has been located. It is non-invasive, pain-free and is incredibly easy and fast to use, proving suitable for acupuncture beginners who are new to the game to help reduce mistakes, and for acupuncturists who work in busy clinics and are stressed for time.

What Is the Pointer Pal Locator For?

The Pointer Pal Locator is designed for locating acupuncture points under the skin, before inserting a needle. By holding the trigger on the locator, you can move the device over the skin and wait for a beeping sound. This is ideal for new acupuncturists who are just starting their career and acupuncturists who are working in a busy clinic without too much time to spare.

How Do I Use the Pointer Pal Acupuncture Locator?

Using the device is incredibly easy, and it can be activated by holding the simple trigger that is located on the device. The instruction manual that is supplied with your purchase will give you full instructions, however it basically involves hovering the device over different areas of the body. Once an active point is located, the device will produce a buzzing sound and the light on top of the device will begin to light up.

At this point you can take the device away from the skin, and leave a mark on where the active acupuncture point is. At this stage you can continue with your acupuncture procedure, or continue to locate more acupuncture points on the body.

Who Can Use the Pointer Pal Point Locator?

We would recommend the Pointer Pal Acupuncture Point Locator if you are new to acupuncture, as the device will automatically spot acupuncture points on the body. This is ideal for training, and for reducing the chances of a mistake during the actual procedure. Alternatively, we would recommend the Point Locator if you work in a busy and fast clinic, as it reduces the time spent before the procedure trying to locate the active points on the body.

Can I Use the Pointer Pal Anywhere on the Body?

The Pointer Pal is non-invasive, and doesn't require any content with the human body. The device works with a smaller laser that can actively seek out the acupuncture points below the surface of the skin, however it is completely pain-free. As a result, the device doesn't have any harmful impact on the human body and can be used from the top of the head to the tips of the toes.

Please keep the Pointer Pal away from the eyes.

How Does the Pointer Pal Work?

The Pointer Pal works by transmitting a laser that bypasses the skin and reaches deep in the body tissue. While it isn't damaging to body tissue, it can be used to locate active acupuncture points within the body. Once it has located an acupuncture point it will sound a visual and audible alarm, alerting you that you have found the best place to insert an acupuncture needle.

Additional Information

  • Battery: 9V dry battery (not included)
  • Size (LxDxW): 170 x 33 x 23mm
  • Dial to adjust sensitivity

This Item Is Not Returnable On Grounds Of Hygiene

Please note, Medical Supplies is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason this item is non-refundable and non-returnable if unsuitable or unwanted on grounds of hygiene.

If you have any questions regarding this returns policy, please contact our Medical Supplies Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 for further details.

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This product is usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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