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Epitact Rigid Thumb Night Brace

Epitact Rigid Thumb Night Brace
Epitact Rigid Thumb Night BraceEpitact Rigid Thumb Night BraceEpitact Rigid Thumb Night Brace
  • Rigid arthritic thumb brace for night use
  • Eases pressure and reduces inflammation
  • Anatomical design gives contoured joint support
  • Immobilises thumb completely for while asleep
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Brand:  Epitact

Epitact Rigid Thumb Night Brace

With an anatomical design that contours to the shape of your hand, the Epitact Rigid Thumb Night Brace immobilises the thumb in rest position during rest or sleep to promote healing and prevent further arthritic damage. Built from a thin, lightweight and sweat-draining fabric, it maintains thumb hygiene and keeps your hand comfortable all night. 

What's Included?

Which Size Is Right for Me?

The arthritis sleeve is available in three sizes that should fit most people. Please measure circumference of your palm and consult the table below to find your ideal size:

hand circumference measurement guide

Brace Size Palm Circ.
Small 17.5 - 19cm
Medium 19 - 21.5cm
Large 21.5 - 23.5cm

Key Features and Benefits of Epitact Rigid Thumb Brace

  • Relieves joint pain caused by arthrosis at base of thumb
  • Reduces painful micromovements
  • Anatomical design morphs to hand
  • Holds thumb in immobilising resting position during sleep 
  • Maintains localised warmth within joint
  • Sweat-draining fabric maintains hand hygiene 
  • Ultra-lightweight and thin design is comfortable and unobtrusive 
  • Class 1 medical device 

Who Can Benefit from the Epitact Thumb Brace?

The brace is made specifically to treat thumb joint pain related to arthritis, including issues caused by root orthosis. 

How Does The Orthotic Thumb Brace Work?

The Epitact Orthotic Brace uses shock absorption to relieve joint arthrosis pain at the root of the thumb in the following ways:

  • Limits traumatic micromovements while you sleep
  • Keeps thumb immobilised with rigid design to promote healing 
  • Preserves heat at the thumb joint which fights against further arthritic deterioration

How Do You Use the Thumb Brace?

The Epitact Thumb Brace is really easy to apply, simply slide your hand through the opening like a glove. For a demonstration, please watch the video below:

So Comfortable You'll Forget You're Wearing It

Designed to be light, thin and contour to the shape of your hand, the rigid thumb brace is as unobtrusive as possible to make sure your hand is comfortable while you sleep. 

Use With a Day Brace for Best Results

While this night brace could do a great deal to help you overnight, it could be undone by traumatic thumb movements during the day. Use the Epitact Flexible Thumb Brace during the day for 24 hour support. Its designed to offer arthritic thumb support without immobilising your thumb completely, allowing you to complete everyday task like driving or typing. 

Sweat Draining Fabric Is Hygienic

The fabric of the splint is breathable and drains sweat to maintain hygiene all night through sleep. 

Important Information

  • Do not use brace on injured skin
  • For night time use
  • Remove splint if too tight and impedes circulation
  • Do not use near a flame

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash at 30°C with a mild soap, without detergent or bleach.
  • Leave to dry naturally
  • Rinse well and squeeze to expel moisture
  • Do not expose while drying to a source of direct heat (radiator, sunlight)
  • Do not use any stain removers.


  • 57 % textile (Polyamide, Elastane, Polyester)
  • 43 % TPE thermoplastic elastomer
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