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Diathermy Cable 3 Metres (8mm Pin End)

Diathermy Cable 3 Metres (8mm Pin End)
  • Reusable monopolar diathermy cables
  • Designed for diathermy and monopolar forceps
  • Generous cable length of 3 metres
  • Available as a single or in a pack of 10
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Brand:  Timesco

Diathermy Cable 3 Metres (8mm Pin End)

The Diathermy Cable 3 Metres (8mm Pin End) is designed to be used with diathermy and monopolar forceps and other instruments. It features a generous cable length of three metres.

Money-Saving Offer

The Diathermy Cable 3 Metres is available to buy as a single instrument as well as in a pack of 10 cables. Please select the relevant quantity from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Size of the Diathermy Cable

The Diathermy Cable is provided with a cable length of three metres with a 8mm pin end. It is also available for purchase as a diathermy cable with 4mm pin end to suit different requirements in a range of medical environments.

Designed By Timesco

Timesco are one of the UK's leading suppliers of medical products, proving popular among medical professionals for over 55 years. They have recently become one of the biggest suppliers of surgical equipment to the NHS, with anaesthesia, surgery, podiatry and primary care their main focus. With Timesco, you can ensure that you are buying high quality medical equipment that is designed to ensure expert medical practise.

Timesco instruments are usually made from stainless steel, meaning that they ensure repeated, heavy use. This helps to ensure a high level of performance and durability, ideal for medical and surgical use. Providing peace of mind, Timesco instruments are manufactured to conform to the following standards (where applicable): 

  • BS 5194-2
  • BS 5194-3
  • BS 5194-4
  • BSEN ISO 13402

Please note that this item is expected to arrive within one to three working days.

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