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Wooden Diathermy Physiotherapy Chair

Wooden Diathermy Physiotherapy Chair
  • Beech and laminated plywood diathermy physiotherapy chair
  • Designed specifically for diathermy therapy treatments
  • Open backrest design provides access for diathermy applicators
  • Made entirely of wood with no metal attachments or fixings




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Brand:  Shaw Med

Wooden Diathermy Physiotherapy Chair

For diathermy therapy to work well it's important that the patient's muscles are relaxed. The Wooden Diathermy Physiotherapy Chair has an "open backed" design that allows the patient to relax by sitting down without the chair impeding the diathermy applicator. This chair is made from a blend of beech and laminated plywood with no metal fixtures or parts, which makes it ideal for diathermy because metal parts interfere with the microwaves generated.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Wooden Diathermy Physiotherapy Chair

How Does This Chair Assist with Diathermy Treatment?

The backrest and sides of this chair are open, which allows both the patient and the medical practitioner to be more comfortable during the procedure. Improved patient and practitioner comfort have been linked to better therapeutic outcomes and a reduction in long term injuries for physiotherapists.

Does This Chair Contain Any Metal Parts?

This Diathermy Physiotherapy Chair is made entirely from beech and laminated plywood, with no metal parts or fixings. This makes it ideal for diathermy treatment because there is no metal to interfere with the microwaves. 

What Is Diathermy Therapy?

Diathermy is the controlled production of heat beneath the skin in the subcutaneous tissues, deep muscles and joints for therapeutic purposes. There are three main types of diathermy therapy:

  1. Shortwave diathermy: Uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to generate heat which can then be applied in pulsed or continuous energy waves. 
  2. Microwave diathermy: Uses microwaves to generate heat in the body. It can be used to evenly warm deep tissues without heating the skin. Since it can’t penetrate deep muscles, it’s best suited for areas that are closer to the skin, such as the shoulders.
  3. Ultrasound diathermy: Uses sound waves to generate heat by vibrating the tissue, promoting blood flow into the area. This method is best for deep tissue treatments.

Who Can Benefit From Diathermy Therapy?

Treating injuries with diathermic heat can increase blood flow, make connective tissue more flexible, reduce inflammation and prevent excessive fluid retention. This can help with conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, myositis, neuralgia, neuromas and tendonitis. 

Who Is Diathermy Not Suitable For?

Anyone who has metal in their body should notify their physician before undergoing diathermy treatment since diathermy electromagnetic fields may induce currents that cause excessive heating of metal devices in the body. Examples of metal devices in the body include bone pins, implanted electrodes, dental filling and metal sutures.

How Is Diathermy Therapy Delivered?

Dielectric coupled diathermy is applied by creating a rapidly alternating voltage differential between two electrodes and placing the electrodes on the patient's body to transfer the current, inductive diathermy is applied by sending a high frequency current through a coil to produce a rapidly reversing magnetic field. Both of these methods require touch or close proximity to the skin and work best when the patient is relaxed, making the open-backed Wooden Diathermy Physiotherapy Chair an extremely practical way of positioning the patient for treatment.

Technical Specification

  • Overall dimensions: (WxDxH) 600 x 500 x 900mm
  • Maximum user weight: 80kg
  • Chair Weight: 15kg

Delivery Information for the Wooden Diathermy Physiotherapy Chair

Please note that the Wooden Diathermy Physiotherapy Chair is made to order, and will therefore take between 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. Please contact our customer service team for more information .

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