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Lafayette Large Bone Caliper

Lafayette Large Bone Caliper£262.49

  • Sliding anthropometric caliper for medical use
  • Measure straight-line distance between two landmarks
  • Range of 0 - 60cm in 0.1cm increments
  • Accurate and precise measurements 
Small Bone Caliper (30cm)

Small Bone Caliper (30cm)£208.32

  • Sliding anthropometric tool for measuring bones and joints
  • Ideal for use by medical professionals
  • Range of 0 - 30cm in 0.1cm increments
  • Can be wiped cleaned whenever necessary
Baseline Skinfold Caliper

Baseline Skinfold Caliper£164.71

  • Baseline Skinfold Caliper for accurate skinfold measurements
  • Features a 60mm scale for measuring patient skinfolds
  • Floating tips ensure accurate and reproducible results
  • Includes a booklet, tables, and caliper carry case
Lafayette Chest Depth Caliper

Lafayette Chest Depth Caliper£141.66

  • Aluminium calipers for measuring chest depth
  • Measures in both inches and centimetres
  • Range from 0 - 24 inches, in 0.5 inch increments
  • Can be used to measure maximum chest expansion
Jamar Medical Skinfold Caliper

Jamar Medical Skinfold Caliper£132.37

  • Medical skinfol caliper for measuring the thickness of patient skinfolds
  • Measures skinfolds in nutrition, fat distribution, growth, and anthropometry
  • Offers readings up to 60mm, suitable for most people
  • Features a contoured hand grip with a safety strap handle for easier use
Lafayette Skinfold Caliper II

Lafayette Skinfold Caliper II£124.99

  • Skinfold caliper for precise measurements
  • Measures skinfold thickness with spring-loaded arms
  • Scale ranges fro 0mm to 100mm for accuracy
  • Tension spring meets pressure requirements of 10g/mm2
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