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Travel First Aid Kits

Travel First Aid Kits are portable first aid kits that can help you to deliver first aid, after injuries sustained by natural forces such as rocks, dirt and debris. Offering the very best in the first aid kit market, our selection ensures that world class care can be delivered immediately after an incident. For more information on our range of Travel First Aid Kits, you can call us on 020 7501 0593 or email us at helpdesk@medicalsupplies.co.uk.

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Cederroth Wound Care Dispenser

Cederroth Wound Care Dispenser£72.55

  • Easily accessible, wall-mounted wound care dispenser
  • Ensures workplaces comply with health and safety regulations
  • Comes fully stocked with over 100 plasters, wipes, and bandages
  • Plastic cover protects contents from dust and moisture
HypaClean Vomit Bags (Pack of 100)

HypaClean Vomit Bags (Pack of 100)£17.95

  • Pack of 100 strong lined paper bags
  • Effective for containing and disposing of vomit
  • Highly-recommended first aid supplies for vehicles
  • Ensures readiness in case of emergencies
Safety First Aid Personal Trauma Kit with Chito-SAM 100 Z-Fold Dressing

Safety First Aid Personal Trauma Kit with Chito-SAM 100 Z-Fold Dressing£99.16

  • Personal trauma kit designed for immediate response during traumatic events
  • High quality nylon bag with belt attached allowing it to be worn or carried at all times
  • Essential kit for all environments to be prepared for emergencies
  • Includes high-performance haemostatic devices to stop lethal blood loss
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