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Timesco Eco Rigid Tip Digital Thermometer

Timesco Eco Rigid Tip Digital Thermometer
  • Compact and accurate digital thermometer
  • Designed for oral, axillary and rectal use
  • Supplied with a 1.5V button battery
  • Features a 60 second response time


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Brand:  Timesco

Timesco Eco Rigid Tip Digital Thermometer

Affordable, compact and easy to use, the Timesco Eco Rigid Tip Digital Thermometer is ideal for measuring the temperature of patients, yourself, children and babies. Suitable for oral, axillary and rectal use, the Digital Thermometer will provide a highly accurate measurement in less than a minute.

What Is the Timesco Eco Rigid Tip Thermometer For?

The Timesco Digital Ear Thermometer allows you to accurately measure body temperature through oral, axillary or rectal use . Compact and ergonomic, the thermometer features a response time of 50 seconds. The quick design is perfect for doctors measuring patients, and for parents measuring their children.

How Do I Use the Timesco Eco Thermometer?

Using the Timesco Rigid Tip Thermometer is designed to be extremely easy, with the probe simply being placed in the area of your choosing. Once here, all you need to do is press the singular button underneath the reading. Once you have done that, keep the device in there until a reading has appeared.

Can I Use the Digital Thermometer at Home?

You don't have to be a doctor or GP to use the Digital Thermometer. The device is so easy to use that it can be used by individuals at home. This is ideal for measuring children or babies when you suspect that they are coming down with a fever.

What Are the Key Features of the Digital Thermometer?

  • Compact and ergonomic for ease of use
  • Designed for oral, axillary and rectal use
  • Measurement response time of around a minute
  • Displays measurements in degrees Celsius
  • Will automatically shut offer after 60 seconds
  • Features a bleeper function for alerts
  • Supplied with one 1.5V button battery

How Fast is the Measurement Response?

The Timesco Thermometer features a digital reading that is easy to read and see, allowing you to quickly read a measurement. The reading will display within a minute, helping you to reach a measurement fast. It is ideal for use in homes when measuring the temperature of yourself, children and babies.

What Are the Key Specifications?

  • Code: D60.215
  • Batteries: 1 x 1.5V (Supplied)
  • Response Time: 60 seocnds
  • Readings: Degrees Celsius
  • Screen: LED

Delivery Information

The Timesco Eco Rigid Tip Digital Thermometer is usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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