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TalarMade Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support

TalarMade Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support
TalarMade Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar SupportTalarMade Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar SupportTalarMade Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support
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  • Deep back lumbar brace aids in muscular injury recovery of the lower back
  • Ideal for those with lower back pain, sciatica or osteoporosis
  • Uses compression to support the lower back and improve posture
  • Designed to be comfortable and hygienic due to breathability
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TalarMade Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support

Lower back pain can be caused by various issues, including pre- and post-operation, sciatica, and osteoporosis. It's therefore essential that a back brace supports the back through gentle compression, while remaining completely breathable for hygiene and posture correction. The Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support is an excellent and comfortable option, providing support to stabilise the area and speed up the healing process.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Lumbar Support Brace

How Do I Size the Deep Breathable Lower Back Support?

The Deep Breathable Lumbar Support is available in five different sizes. To ensure you purchase the most comfortable fit for your shape and size, we recommend measuring the circumference of your waist at the area located in the image below:

How to correctly measure your waist

Once you have measured the circumference of your waist, please consult the table below and select the appropriate size for you from the drop-down menu above.

Binder Size Waist Circumference
Small 22 - 28" (56 - 71cm)
Medium 27 - 33" (68 - 84cm)
Large 32 - 38" (81 - 96cm)
Extra Large 37 - 43" (94 - 109cm)
XX-Large 42 - 48" (107 - 122cm)

Please note that, as some sizes overlap, we advise selecting the larger size for optimal comfort.

Please note that, as some sizes overlap, we advise getting the larger size if you're at the higher end of a size and don't want a tight fit. 

Who Can Use this Lower Back Support?

This support is highly versatile, and can provide relief and support to almost anyone suffering from lower back pain. It's particularly suited to those suffering from the following:

  • Muscular injury to the lower back
  • Sciatica
  • Osteoporosis
  • Prolapsed intervertebral disc
  • Sacro-lumbar pain

What Does a Correctly Fitted Deep Breathable Lumbar Support Feel Like?

If your back feels tired and worn out, or you suffer from a condition that means you require constant support and posture adjustment, the muscles in your back are probably incorrectly positioned. A correctly fitted Lumbar Support Brace should constrict ligaments, muscles and tendons together, creating a snug and tight-but-comfortable fit at the lower back.

Key Features and Benefits of the Deep Breathable Lumbar Support

  • Deep back support providing support over a large 28cm area
  • Four strong flexible stays to prevent edge roll over
  • Can help prevent the twisting motions that cause injury and pain
  • Simple anterior touch-and-close fastening
  • Dual rear elasticated fulcrums to provide additional compression and support
  • Velcro fastenings allow adjustment to desired support
  • High quality ventilated elastic with fully bound edges


It's important to choose the right back support for you, so check out the below questions to help you understand more about the TalarMade Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support:

How Does the Lumbar Support and Brace Work?

In order to correctly align and reposition damaged or tired muscles in the back, a brace must provide stability in the form of tight but comfortable compression. The Deep Breathable Lumbar Support uses a series of straps to comfortably and safely wrap around the waist and support the back, ensuring the user's posture is correct and any injuries are prevented from worsening.

How Tight Is the Deep Breathable Lumbar Support?

The level of compression required to correctly adjust tired, fatigued or loose tendons and ligaments is high, hence the Deep Breathable Lumbar Support providing a tight yet comfortable fit. Each strap is highly adjustable, allowing the user to tailor the tension level depending on their condition.

How Do I Adjust the Tightness of my Breathable Lumbar Support?

To adjust the tightness of your brace, simply change the position of the hook and loop fastening strip located at the front of the brace. The brace itself, as well as the elasticated bands on either side can be adjusted, allowing the user to select a level of tension and support that is right for them and their condition.

How Do I Apply This Back Brace?

This back brace is simple to apply, and allows you to modify your compression based on support and comfort. To apply your back brace, follow these steps:

  1. Position the support in the centre of your back, keeping the stays on the outer side
  2. Secure the two main Velcro straps so they are snug, but comfortable
  3. Stretch the two remaining stays until they provide firm yet comfortable support
  4. Adjust tensions as desired, ensuring the brace slightly limits motion without causing discomfort

Will I Feel Instant Pain Relief?

A correctly sized and positioned Lumbar Support Brace should provide instant relief from pain and discomfort, allowing you to sit, stand and work for longer periods. The more the brace is worn, the more your muscles will get used to it, meaning you should continue to see results and added pain-relief over time.

Will This Support Reduce Back Pain?

Yes, this support is excellent for reducing back pain, particularly in the lower back. Back pain is most often caused by a build-up of pressure on the spine, and since this back brace can provide support and stabilisation with targeted compression, pressure will be offloaded to reduce pain.

Is This Support Comfortable?

The Deep Breathable Lumbar Support is designed to be as comfortable as possible, and is made with high-quality ventilated elastic to allow maximum airflow. This enables the lumbar area to breathe, allowing support to be provided without discomfort, particularly in warm weather.

How Much Support will This Brace Provide?

With flexible stays and rear elasticated fulcrums, this back brace is capable of providing a significant amount of lower back support. When fastened tightly, the brace will provide powerful spine stabilisation, and can help to prevent the twisting motions that often cause or exacerbate back injuries and sacro-lumbar pain.

How Does This Back Brace Provide Support?

This version of the Breathable Lumbar Support features an increased 28cm posterior back depth to accommodate a larger area and provide extended support. Featuring dual rear elasticated fulcrums, the Deep Breathable Lumbar Support provides additional compression and support for optimal spine stabilisation.

TalarMade Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support

Is This a Suitable Back Support for Sciatica?

Yes, the compression and support this lumbar support provides is ideal for preventing sensitivity related to sciatica. By assisting your core muscles, this brace will help to absorb forces caused by everyday movements, helping to relieve pain and prevent further damage to promote the healing process.

Can I Use This Brace All Day Long?

If your work causes bad posture or back pain due to slouching or frequent lifting, finding a brace that supports you throughout the day is crucial to reducing sacro-lumbar pain in your lower back. This brace is made with breathable and forgiving materials, making it comfortable enough to wear all day while providing the support you need to prevent back pain and improve posture.

Will This Back Support Prevent Injuries?

Back injuries are often caused by twisting and jerking motions that put undue pressure on the spine at an awkward angle. By providing support to keep the spine stabilised, this support prevents any exaggerated twisting motions, making it ideal for use if your back is vulnerable to or has recently suffered an injury.

Why Is This Back Support Called Deep?

This back support is referred to as 'deep' because it provides support to a 28cm portion of your back, offering a larger area of support than most lower back braces. If you don't require as comprehensive a support, a 23cm lower back support is also available.

TalarMade Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support

Can This Brace Improve My Posture?

Bad posture and back pain will often go hand in hand, as slouched posture puts extra strain on your lower spine. By supporting the lower back and stabilising the spine, this lumbar support will help to prevent slouching, and after long-term wear will help to reinforce the muscle memory involved with sustained good posture while standing and sitting.

Can This Support Reduce Recovery Time?

If you've recently suffered a back injury, waiting for it to recover without the proper support can be risky, as a single awkward motion can cause further injury or a setback. By limiting the motion of your back while promoting proper posture, this brace can help to ensure your spine stays in an ideal position for recovery, therefore minimising your recovery time by preventing setbacks.

What Is This Support Made From?

This support is made with high-quality ventilated elastic, providing firm compression while allowing breathability. This makes the support exceptionally strong, while still allowing comfortable movement for wear throughout the day.

Customer Reviews
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Back Brace
09 November 2023  |  Barbara

Every step was perfect from ordering, payment and delivery - all were very efficient. Item is very effective and very well made. I have no complaints.

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22 September 2023  |  John

I have a long term spinal injury, Mostly I have adjusted to living with it, with the help of a lumbar support that was made for me by a hospital 35 hears ago. I've been having difficulty in sleeping recently because of tension in my back. The hospital support doesn't help because it is too stiff, Your product is very comfortable to wear and I have mow had a week of delightful sleep. Thank you.

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Post op back support
14 September 2023  |  Amanda

Bought this support as I was getting backache after nerve damage from a neck dissection operation caused posture problems. This support has enabled me to start back to work part time sitting at my computer and also do my walks each day without the bad backache I was getting. My physio has advised I don't use this all day long so as to give my own muscles a chance to strengthen, so best used with professional advice.
Delivery very quick.
Thank you

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