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Supatab ECG Electrodes

Supatab ECG Electrodes
  • Replacement ECG Electrodes
  • Ideal for use with a range of ECG machines
  • Provide an excellent signal quality
  • Available in packs of 100 or 500
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Brand:  Supatab

Supatab ECG Electrodes

These Supatab ECG Electrodes utilise an innovative wet gel technology to achieve superb connection quality. They are completely latex free and remove the need for aggressive skin preparation.

What's Included?

The Supatab Electrodes are available in two pack sizes: a pack of 100 or a pack of 500 electrodes. Please select your desired pack from the drop-down menu above.

What Are the Features of the Supatab ECG Electrodes?

  • Offset connector
  • No movement artefacts
  • Innovative wet gel technology
  • Rapid reduction of skin impedance compared to other methods
  • A similar reduction in the occurrence of movement artefacts
  • Excellent signal quality
  • Latex-free to avoid adverse skin reactions
  • Contain a high quality silver/ silver chloride sensor
  • Each liner contains ten electrodes
  • Sturdy backing material which ensures an undisturbed connection

How Do the Supatab ECG Electrodes Work?

These ECG electrodes take advantage of innovative wet gel technology to avoid many of the traditional pitfalls of ECG electrode application while still achieving an exceptional signal quality. The wet gel is very conductive and maintains signal strength without needing the kind of aggressive skin preparation associated with other ECG techniques. In order to help practitioners achieve the precise placement required by these electrodes, they have been designed with a specific shape.

How Do These Electrode's Reduce Skin Impedance?

The highly conductive wet gel technology utilised by these ECG electrodes is the main method by which they reduce skin impedance. It allows a good signal to be maintained, even without the aggressive skin preparation which accompanies many ECG techniques.

Do the Supatab ECG Electrodes Contain Latex?

No, these electrode's are completely latex-free. They are therefore appropriate for use with patients who suffer from latex allergies.

How Do These Electrodes Reduce Movement of Artifacts?

These electrodes feature offset connectors, with an asymmetric design. This design allows the electrode connector to be less affected by unintended movements, and hence reduces the occurrence of unnecessary movement of artifacts.

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This item is usually delivered within 48 hours to UK mainland addresses.

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