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Stirrup Ankle Brace

Stirrup Ankle Brace
  • Anatomically contoured stirrup ankle brace provides ankle stabilisation and support
  • For mild to moderate ankle sprain and injury, or chronic ankle instability
  • Adjustable heel pad, vertical side straps and swivel straps for ease of application
  • Foam and tricot lining for cushioning and comfort


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Stirrup Ankle Brace

The Stirrup Ankle Brace has been designed to support mild to moderate ankle sprains and chronic ankle instabilities. Anatomically contoured, the brace controls inversion or eversion, whilst allowing normal dorsi-flexion, and has a foam and tricot lining that provides cushioning and comfort to the patient.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Ankle Brace

Sizing Information

Thanks to its diverse and flexible design, the Stirrup Ankle Brace is available in a single "one size fits most" size. An adjustable heel pad, vertical side strap and swivel strap allows the wearer to find their most comfortable and perfect fit, without the hassle of looking at size charts and having to measure up.

What Is the Stirrup Ankle Support Brace For?

The Stirrup Ankle Brace is ideal for anyone looking to support the ankle following an injury. Designed for mild to moderate strained or sprained ankles, this brace helps ease pain while allowing the injured area the time it needs to heal. It is also suitable for those with ankle instability. The anatomically-designed plastic shell is featured at either side of the ankle to ensure that optimal support is provided for each individual wearer.

How Exactly Does this Ankle Brace Work to Support Me?

The Stirrup Ankle Brace is made of high-quality materials and has an anatomically contoured design to help support ankle injury and/or instability. The rigid contoured outer shells of the brace controls inversion or eversion whilst allowing normal dorsi-flexion. Foam padding in the brace evenly distributes pressure, and offers cushioning and comfort for the wearer.

How Comfortable is the Stirrup Ankle Brace For Sprain and Strains?

While providing both support and stabilisation to the ankle, the brace features a heel pad, and a foam and tricot lining to provide cushioning and comfort for the wearer. Vertical side straps and swivel straps on the brace mean it can be applied with ease as and when required.

How Do I Fit The Stirrup Ankle Support Brace?

The Stirrup Ankle Support Brace can be easily fitted by following these simple fitting instructions:

  1. Place the heel strap underneath the heel with the sides of the brace on each side of the ankle
  2. Adjust the heel strap so the gel covering on each side of the ankle bone is firmly fitted
  3. Pull both of the leg straps and attach so the brace remains firmly in position

Please Note: Do not over tighten the straps. This ankle support should feel comfortable at all times. The brace should also be removed before going to sleep.

How Do I Clean This Ankle Brace?

From time to time the ankle braced may need to be cleaned, especially if marked up with dirt. To clean the ankle brace simply hand wash in warm water with mild liquid soap and leave to dry naturally. Do not machine wash or tumble dry as this may ruin the construction of the brace and result in the brace no longer working properly.

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