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Single-Head Stethoscopes

Our range of Single-Head Stethoscopes are designed to ensure convenient and reliable use during patient examinations. They are ideal for use by medical professionals both in clinics and on location. For more information please get in touch with our Customer Services Team at helpdesk@medicalsupplies.co.uk.

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HEINE GAMMA 3.1 Pulse Stethoscope

HEINE GAMMA 3.1 Pulse Stethoscope£49.90

  • HEINE stethoscope with solid flat chest piece
  • Suitable for inserting under sphygmomanometer cuff
  • Includes ear olives for fine acoustic performance
  • Features a diameter of 44mm and a length of 56cm
Timesco Diamond Deluxe Cardiology Stethoscope

Timesco Diamond Deluxe Cardiology Stethoscope£36.59

  • Single-head stethoscope with flexible binaurals
  • Designed for use by cardiologists
  • Zinc alloy chest piece with a PVC tube
  • Features a 50mm diameter dual chest piece 
Timesco Ruby Single-Head Stethoscope

Timesco Ruby Single-Head Stethoscope£2.90

  • Single-head stethoscope in a choice of colours
  • Designed for easy listening to patient breathing
  • Aluminium alloy chest piece with a PVC tube
  • Features a 47mm diameter chest piece 
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