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Promedics Airstep Walker Boot Leg Brace (Long)

Promedics Airstep Walker Boot Leg Brace (Long)
Promedics Airstep Walker Boot Leg Brace (Long)Promedics Airstep Walker Boot Leg Brace (Long)Promedics Airstep Walker Boot Leg Brace (Long)
  • Super lightweight compression leg brace
  • Suitable for fractures, sprains and ankle foot orthosis
  • Integrated inflation system for a perfect fit
  • Made with comfy, breathable materials
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Brand:  Promedics

Promedics Airstep Walker Boot Leg Brace (Long)

The Promedics Airstep Walker Boot Leg Brace (Long) is an ultra-lightweight walker boot that provides exceptional comfort and support for patients with bone or ligament injuries in the foot. Featuring an integrated inflation system, the level of compression can be increased on either side of the leg to best suit the patients requirements.

This long version of the Airstep Walker provides protection up to just below the knee. However, there is also a Short Version available which goes up to the mid-shin.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Leg Brace

Sizing Information for the Airstep Walker

The Promedics Airstep Walker is available in six sizes, with configurations allowing for use on both legs. To find out which size you require, please consult the table below.

Size Shoe Size (UK)
Extra Small UK Size 1.5 - 3
Small UK Size 3 - 5.5
Medium UK Size 6 - 9
Large UK Size 9.5 - 11
Extra Large UK Size 11+

Key Features and Benefits

  • Super lightweight leg brace provides extra comfort and mobility
  • Long version provides full support up to just below the knee
  • Integrated inflation system for precise compression
  • Dual manual finger pumps for fast, easy inflation
  • Contoured liner made of breathable material for supreme comfort
  • Low profile sole unit has minimal height discrepancy
  • Three strap closure  for quick and easy fitting
  • Adjustable/removable toe guard for extra support if needed
  • No separate pump needed for inflation
  • Provides excellent stability

Indications of the Promedics Airstep Walker

The innovative Promedics Airstep features an integrated inflation system that offers precise compression to support a wide range of leg injuries and conditions. Fast and easy to fit, the Airstep is suitable for the following:

  • Stable fractures
  • Stress fractures
  • Sprains and torn ligaments
  • Ankle foot orthosis

How Do I Use the Airstep Walker Leg Brace?

Thanks to its intuitive design, the Airstep Walker is simple to fit. Promedics have created a handy step-by-step guide on how to configure, fit and adjust the Airstep for maximum safety and comfort. Please see the below video for more information.

How to Inflate the Walker

The Airstep Walker features a manual inflation system that is integrated onto the walker itself. Two blue finger pumps located on either side of the walker can be used to gradually increase compression around the leg to achieve a perfect fit. Use both pumps at the same time for even inflation, or just use one if you wish to increase compression on a particular side of the leg. 

Promedics Airstep Walker Boot in Action
Air is pumped into two internal bladders for gradual compression

How to Deflate the Walker

To deflate the walker for adjustment or removal, undo the small caps on either pump to release air gradually. Once you have the right fit, close the cap once again to prevent air from escaping during use.

Promedics Airstep Walker Boot How to Deflate
Lets air release slowly for gradual deflation

Low-Profile Sole Unit

The Airstep Walker has a low profile sole to reduce the height discrepancy when worn. Made with hard-wearing materials, the sole is contoured to the foot for an ergonomic fit that improves gait function. This reduces the impact on mobility and promotes a natural walking movement.

Promedics Airstep Walker Boot Undersole
Textured undersole provides optimal grip

Anterior Shell Compression

Specially contoured for an improved fit, the anterior shell provides optimal compression. Using the three strap closures, the frontal compression can be adjusted to suit the patients needs. Tighten the easy-fit straps for extra compression and pain relief, or loosen the straps to alleviate pressure and improve comfort.

Breathable Material

Ensuring maximum comfort, the Airstep Walker is made using comfy, breathable materials. This makes the brace more comfortable to use and reduces moisture build-up for less irritability and odour. Combined with the lightweight design, this makes the Airstep one of the comfiest walker boots on the market.

Removeable Toe Guard

The Airstep Walker comes with an optional toe guard that protects the patients foot as they walk. The toe guard is easy to fit onto the walker and can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the patient.

Delivery Information

The Promedics Airstep Walker Boot Leg Brace (Long) is usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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