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Plastic Mallet Finger Splint (10 Pack)

Plastic Mallet Finger Splint (10 Pack)
  • Rigid plastic mallet splint that extends the PIP joint
  • Supports the DIP joint in neutral position while protecting the distal phalanx
  • Helps to alleviate pain and improve range of motion
  • 10 pack of mallet finger splints, great value - ideal for healthcare providers


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Plastic Mallet Finger SplintPlastic Mallet Finger Splint
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Plastic Mallet Finger Splint (10 Pack)

Mallet finger is a painful condition that requires the proper support to prevent further deterioration and alleviate discomfort. The Plastic Mallet Finger Splint (10 Pack) supports the DIP joint in a neutral position that helps to correct the mallet deformity while protecting the distal phalanx and extending the PIP joint. 

What's Included?

  • 10 x Plaster Mallet Finger Splints

Key Features of the Plastic Mallet Finger Splint (10 Pack)

  • 10 pack provides even greater value which is ideal for hospitals and care homes
  • Works to treat joint stiffness and help reverse atrophy of the ligaments
  • Perforated design helps to prevent skin maceration and improve comfort
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit most people
  • Improves range of motion and helps protect the extensor tendon

What Size Will Fit Me Best?

The Plastic Mallet Finger Splint is available in a wide range of sizes. To measure your finger for the Plastic Mallet Finger Splint please measure the circumference of the finger joint nearest your fingertip (the DIP joint) and match your measurement to the table below.

Plastic Mallet Finger Circumferential Measurement Image

Size Finger Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 4.5 - 5cm
Small 5 - 5.5cm
Medium 6 - 6.5cm
Medium/Large 6.5 - 7cm
Large 7 - 7.5cm
Large/Extra Large 7.5 - 8cm
Extra Large 8 - 8.5cm
XX-Large 8.5 - 9cm

Please note: Mallet finger splints are manufactured in the above sizes however due to individual patients' fingers being different shapes some mesh bandage or similar may be required for a tight comfortable fit. Strapping tape can be used to secure the finger splint. Select your size from the drop down menu above.

What Is Mallet Finger?

Mallet finger is an injury to the end of your finger that causes it to bend inwards towards your palm. The key indication of mallet finger is you will not be able to straighten the end of your finger because the extensor tendon that connects the muscle to the finger bone has been stretched or torn.

Why Is It So Important to Address Mallet Finger Swiftly?

Mallet finger leads to an imbalance in the distribution of the extensor force between proximal interphalangeal (PIP) and DIP joints. If left untreated, Mallet Finger can lead to a swan neck deformity from PIP joint hyper extension and DIP joint flexion.

Mallet Finger Pain Joint Location

Which Area of Your Hand Does the Mallet Finger Splint Protect?

The DIP joint is the final joint on each finger (i.e. the joint just closest to your finger nail) and is the joint that requires support when correcting mallet finger. The distal phalanx is the bone on the top of your fingertip and is the most commonly fractured bone in the hand; bumping it when it's unprotected can be very sore if you have mallet finger.

The PIP joint is the middle joint in your finger, extending it helps encourage the healing process and ensures your finger is as comfortable as possible.

Washing Instructions

We recommend that you hand wash this finger splint in warm water with soap. This product is not suitable for machine washing or tumble drying. 

Delivery Information

This product is usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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