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Oppo Health Knee Brace with Side Stabilisers (RK102)

Oppo Health Knee Brace with Side Stabilisers (RK102)
Oppo Health Knee Brace with Side Stabilisers (RK102)Oppo Health Knee Brace with Side Stabilisers (RK102)Oppo Health Knee Brace with Side Stabilisers (RK102)
  • Knee brace with side stabilisers for additional support
  • Ideal for aches and pains, instability and arthritic knees
  • Provides sustained compression and heat retention for healing
  • Adjustable to prevent slipping during exercise


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Brand:  Oppo

Oppo Health Open-Patella Knee Brace with Side Stabilisers (RK102)

Many knee injuries and conditions benefit from strong, sturdy support to provide the knee joint with stability whilst it heals. The Oppo Health Open-Patella Knee Brace with Side Stabilisers (RK102) provides firm compression support to reduce aches and pains, and improve blood flow to the area which is essential to the healing process. Featuring dual side support for enhanced stability, the Oppo Knee Brace is ideal for those with weak, injured, unstable and arthritic knees, giving you the support you need to stay mobile.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Knee Brace

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides support and relief for aches and pains
  • Ideal for those with instability, ligament injury and arthritis
  • Assists exercise to maintain healthy functioning of the knee
  • Side stabilisers for extra support and joint realignment
  • Neoprene material for heat retention to improve circulation
  • Sustained compression to reduce the chance of further injury
  • Open circular shape to relieve pressure on the kneecap
  • Adjustable hook and loop system to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Designed to prevent wrinkling and bunching when bending the knee
  • Suitable for both the left and the right knee
  • 100% latex free for sensitive skin
  • Registered Class 1 Medical Device for UK and EU

What Sizes Does the Oppo Knee Brace Come In?

The Oppo Knee Support is suitable for both men and women, and can be used on both the left and the right knee. The Open Knee Support is available in one size that is suitable for most people:

Size Measurements
One Size 32 - 51cm (12.5 - 20")

To confirm that this size is suitable for you, please measure around the kneecap from a standing position as show in the diagram below:

knee measurement image

Who Can Wear the Oppo Knee Brace with Side Stabilisers?

The Oppo Knee Brace provides support for those with injured or weak knees, giving you the necessary compression to increase blood flow to promote healing. We recommend the Oppo Knee Brace for the following conditions:

  • Knee instability
  • Knee strains and sprains
  • Collateral ligament injury (stretched or torn ligament)
  • Arthritic knees

What Benefit Do Side Stabilisers Have?

Side stabilisers, also know as side stays, provide extra support which can benefit those with knee instability and weak knees. Following a knee injury, you may experience some instability in the joint. The spiral stays on either side of the brace help to correct that instability, guiding the knee to proper motion to reduce the likelihood of further injury.

How Does Compression Help Injuries?

The compression provided by the Oppo Knee Brace may help to reduce swelling post-injury. Compression also serves to stabilise and realign the knee joint and reduce the amount of movement within the knee, which may help to reduce pain and to protect the knee from further damage whilst you are recovering from injury.

Is the Oppo Knee Brace Suitable for Use During Movement?

Yes, the Oppo Knee Brace can be used during movement to help stabilise the joint and reduce the risk of further injuries. The Oppo Brace provides sustained compression during movement, allowing you to stay mobile and protect your knee at the same time. The Oppo Brace is easily adjustable to prevent slipping and movement of the brace during periods of exercise and activity.

Why Choose Oppo Health?

Oppo Health offers an extensive range of high-quality orthopaedic supports, whatever your requirements. Designed in conjuction with medical professionals, Oppo Health focus on design, material selection and innovative construction to optimise support, provide all-day comfort and to remain in position whilst moving. Their mission is to provide users with a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Technical Specifications

  • Materials:
    • 40% Nylon
    • 34% Neoprene
    • 21% Polyester
    • 5% Steel

Care Instructions

  • Wash in cold water
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
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