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Microlife WatchBP Office ABI Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife WatchBP Office ABI Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Blood pressure monitor featuring multiple cardiovascular measurements
  • Ideal for monitoring heart health, including during pregnancy
  • Supplied with two cuffs for inter-arm measurements
  • Easy and intuitive to operate


Available, dispatched in 1-3 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days

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Brand:  Microlife

Microlife WatchBP Office ABI Blood Pressure Monitor

The Microlife WatchBP Office ABI Blood Pressure Monitor is a high-quality, professional automatic office blood pressure device which can assess the ankle brachial index (ABI) quickly and accurately. It features a broad suite of cardiovascular diagnostics, making it a great choice for any hospital or medical facility dealing with heart health.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Microlife WatchBP Office Blood Pressure Device
  • 1 x Standard Adult Arm Cuff
  • 1 x Conical Shape Ankle Cuff
  • 1 x Power Adaptor

What Is the Ankle Brachial Index?

The Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) is the ratio of the blood pressure in the lower legs to the blood pressure in the arms. Blood pressure that is lower in the leg than in the arm indicates blocked arteries (peripheral artery disease). The ankle–brachial index represents a simple, reliable method for diagnosing peripheral arterial disease.

Is This Only an ABI Screening Device?

While the Microlife WatchBP Office ABI is primarily an ABI diagnostic device, it also holds a range of tools for screening important cardiovascular risk factors. The device is delivered with double cuffs so that simultaneous double arm measurements can be performed for the screening inter-arm-difference (IAD). In the Screen mode, the device can also be used to detect atrial fibrillation (AF).

Who Can Use This Device?

This blood pressure monitor is suitable for use with a wide range of patients, including the following groups with particular needs:

  • Pregnant patients
  • Patients with end stage renal disease
  • Patients with diabetes
  • Patients who require ankle measurements (using the conical cuff)
  • Children over three years old

What Are the Features of the Microlife Watch BP ABI Blood Pressure Device?

  • Unique dual-cuff design allows for simultaneous blood pressure measurements on both arms, assessing inter-arm blood pressure differences
  • User friendly software is especially designed for easy data transfer and analysis via mini-usb, with free PC software
  • With one touch the device automatically performs duplicate measurements according to guidelines while also screening for AFIB
  • Rechargeable battery holds 400 to 500 measurement cycles per charge
  • Automated office blood pressure measurement (AOBPM) allows a five minute countdown before three measurements are taken. This helps to ensure results are accurate without the need for direct medical oversight.
  • Fast, easy and reliable automated ABI measurement which allows for screening for peripheral arterial disease without Doppler
  • Offers readings of mean arterial pressure (MAP) and pulse pressure (PP).

How Does Automated Office Blood Pressure Measurement Work?

Automated office blood pressure measurement (AOBPM) runs an automated sequence of diagnostics without the need for close management. It features a five minute countdown period, before taking three measurements, each a minute apart. A mean value is taken from these three measurements to produce a highly accurate result.

Are Instructions Available?

If you would like to view the instructions for the WatchBP ABI Blood Pressure Monitor, please click on the PDF icon below.

User Instructions
User Manual

What Are the Technical Specifications of the Microlife WatchBP ABI Blood Pressure Device?

  • Operating temp: 10 to 40°C / 50 to 104°F
  • Storage temp: -20 to +55°C / -4 to +13°F
  • Humidity: 15 to 90%
  • Weight (including rechargeable battery pack): 1100g
  • Dimensions: 200 x 125 x 90 mm
  • Measuring procedure: oscillometric, corresponding to Korotkoff method
  • Blood pressure measurement range: 30 - 280mmHg
  • Pulse measurement range: 40 - 200 beats per minute
  • Cuff pressure display: Range: 0 - 299mmHg
  • Resolution: 1mmHg
  • Static accuracy: pressure within  +/-3mmHg or 2% of reading >200mmHg 
  • Pulse accuracy: +/-5 % of the readout value
  • Power source: rechargeable battery pack (4.8V C4000 mAhA) or mains adaptor (DC 7.5V, 2A)

Which Standards Does This Device Meet?

This device meets the requirements for the following non-invasive blood pressure monitor standards:

  • EN 1060-1
  • EN 1060-3
  • EN 1060-4
  • IEC 60601-1
  • IEC 60601-1-2

This item is usually delivered within 48 hours to UK mainland addresses.

Please call our Medical Supplies Customer Care Team on 020 7501 0593 if you have any questions about delivery of this item.

This item is usually delivered within 48 hours to UK mainland addresses.

Please call our Health and Care Customer Care Team on 020 7720 2266 if you have any questions about the delivery of this item.

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