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HIDREX ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine

HIDREX ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine
  • Advanced iontophoresis machine for excessive sweating
  • Suitable for hospitals, clinics and home use
  • Prevents hyperhidrosis in 99% of users
  • Features a pulsed and direct setting for catered use
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Brand:  Hidrex

HIDREX ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine

The HIDREX ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Current Opontophoresis Machine provides medical standard iontophoresis treatment and therapy, helping to reduce sweating when administered by doctors, GPs, clinicians, medical professionals and when self-administered at home. With a choice between pulsed and direct therapy, this device will prevent sweating in the hands, feet and underarms.

What's Included?

With your purchase you will receive:

  • 1 x HIDREX ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine
  • 2 x Electrode Connection Leads
  • 2 x Electrode Plates
  • 3 x Slot Profiles
  • 1 x Carry Case
  • 1 x Power adaptor

Before you buy your Iontophoresis Machine, you can click the drop down menu at the top of the page to determine which machine you would like to buy. You can either buy the machine just for underarms, for hands and feet, or for hands, feet and underarms.

What Is the HIDREX ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Machine For?

The HIDREX Iontophoresis Machine is designed to provide medical grade iontophoresis therapy. This is therapy that is designed to tackle excessive sweating in the hands, feet and underarms, without the continued use of antiperspirant or any other form of sweat blocking products. It is a safe, medical standard treatment, and it only takes fifteen minutes of use a week to eradicate sweating completely.

Can I Use the ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Iontophoresis Machine?

The ClassicION Machine is medical standard, and is designed for use on those who suffer from plantar and normal hyperhidrosis. A full list of suitable users include:

  • Medical Professionals
  • Doctors
  • GPs
  • Hyperhidrosis Specialists
  • Home Use

If you do use the machine for home use, then we would recommend speaking to your GP first. Alternatively, you can check the list of do NOTs at the bottom of the page.

How Does the HIDREX ClassicION Iontophoresis Machine Work?

The HIDREX ClassicION can provide iontophoresis to either your feet, hands or underarms. It works by providing either a direct or pulse current through the affected body zones. The flow of this electrical current is conducted through a water bath, in which you are to place the part of your body on which you intend to apply the therapy.

You are supplied with a machine, slot plates, leads and profiles, which means that all you need to do is connect the machine together before you begin your therapy. Once you're ready to go you can cater the machine to your specific needs, using both treatment settings and a different level electrical current to ensure that you get the level of therapy that you need.

How Do I Use the ClassicION Direct Iontophoresis Machine?

With your purchase you will receive an instruction manual telling you exactly how to use your Iontophoresis Machine. During the initial treatment phase, you should only use the device for fifteen minutes a day and no more than three times per week. Once ten treatments have passed sweat levels should be normalised, and you will only need to use the device between one and three times a week.

For full user instructions, please see the link below:

User Instructions
User Instruction Manual

What Is Iontophoresis and Why Should I Trust It?

Iontophoresis is the process of delivering a voltage gradient on the skin, usually the feet, underarms and hands. It is recommended for people who have tried clinical antiperspirants, but need something stronger, with evidence showing that it can reduce sweating by between 80% and 90%. A medical device is used to pass a mild electrical current through water and through the skins surface.

The treatment is designed to be safe with the device being approved for medical use. Mild side effects that occasionally occur include:

  • Mild temporary tingling and burning
  • Mild reddening after treatment
  • Mild skin redness or blisters
  • Mild skin irritability

What Specifications On the ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Iontophoresis Machine?

  • Choice between 60V and 30mA treatment dose
  • Treatment dose set permanently to 15 minutes
  • Store up to three different treatment settings for individual users
  • Easy to use LED control panel
  • Direct current and pulsed current settings
  • Static shock protection and immersion monitoring
  • Built in protection circuits for extra safety

Can I Use the HIDREX ClassicION Machine at Home?

The HIDREX ClassicION is designed for professional medical use, however this does not mean that it cannot be used at home. We would recommend that before you do, you read about hyperhidrosis and get a professional medical opinion. Ultimately, iontophoresis has been used successfully at home by excessive sweaters for a long time, so there's no reason why this machine can't be used at home unless you have any of the conditions on the do not use checklist.

How Long Lasting Is the ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Current Machine?

The ClassicION Direct Machine is designed to last for a significant amount of time. The machine is meant to be used every week until your sweating is mostly under control, which means that the machine is designed for continuous use over the period of years rather than weeks.

How Safe is the HIDREX ClassicION Direct and Pulsed Machine?

You might be concerned that the HIDREX ClassicION Machine isn't safe, as it is designed to pass electrical currents through your body. A series of safeguarding measures have been taken to ensure that the machine isn't a threat. These include:

  • Immersion Monitoring: Ensures that the power output works its way up from zero, rather than from 60V.
  • Excessive Treatment Protection: If your skin is already dry, the machine will not let you raise the dose. The device will also check your skin conductance, and will not exceed your specified tolerance.
  • Limiting of Current: Features a maximum permitted treatment current that can be reached before the set dose voltage is reached.
  • Protection Circuit: If treatment level exceeds 35mA or more (due to a mechanical fault for example), the machine is automatically designed to read "STOP" with all of the LEDs flashing. If this happens, please switch off the device.

Do NOT Use the Machine If You Meet Any of the Following

Do NOT use the device if:

  • You are fitted with a pacemaker
  • You are pregnant
  • You are fitted with an ICD


  • You are fitted with metalliferous Intrauterine Devices (Coil)
  • You have large skin defects / wounds that cannot be masked with Vaseline
  • You have a tumour disease
  • You have thrombosis
  • You have strongly reduced feeling in hands or feet (e.g. polyneuropathy)
  • You are treating a child younger than 5 years old
  • You have metal implants in the area of the current flow (arms or legs)
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