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Donjoy OA Nano Lightweight Osteoarthritis Offloading Knee Brace

  • Lightweight unloader knee brace for relief of pain
  • Ideal for moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Comfortable fit to help you stay active and move freely
  • Offloads pressure to help the user avoid surgery
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Brand:  Donjoy

Donjoy OA Nano Lightweight Osteoarthritis Offloading Knee Brace

Hailed as the lightest osteoarthritis knee brace on the market, the Donjoy OA Nano Lightweight Osteoarthritis Offloading Knee Brace offers highly-effective knee protection without the bulk and weight of other hinged braces. As well as being extremely light, the magnesium frame contours to the knee joint with clinically-proven, three-point suspension for comprehensive and comfortable offloading away from the injured ligaments and onto healthy tissue. This allows you to stay active and pain-free!

What's Included?

  • 1 x Offloading Knee Brace

Sizing of the Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

The Donjoy OA Nano Brace is available in seven different sizes. To find out which size will fit you best, please measure the circumference of your thigh 15cm above the kneecap (as shown) and refer to the table below.

how to measure your thigh for the donjoy bracr

Size Thigh Circumference
Extra Small 33 - 39cm
Small 39 - 47cm
Medium 47 - 53cm
Large 53 - 60cm
Extra Large 60 - 67cm
XX-Large 67 - 75cm
XXX-Large 75 - 82.5cm

Sizing Tips

  • For measurements that fall in between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size for better comfort
  • If you do not have a flexible tape measure, use a piece of string to measure your knee and then measure the string with a ruler
  • If your joints swell, please take this into account when choosing your size

What Conditions Is the OA Nano Offloading Knee Brace For?

The Donjoy Osteoarthritis Knee Brace stabilises and supports your knee, making it suitable for a number of different indications. This includes the following:

  • Medial or lateral osteoarthritis (mild to moderate)
  • Uni-compartmental osteoarthritis
  • Patients wanting to stay active and move freely
  • Elderly users looking for a light OA knee brace

Key Features and Benefits of the OA Nano

  • Combines 'Nano MAG,' a new high-tech material, with adjuster technology
  • Designed as one of the lightest functional OA knee braces available
  • Ideal for everyday use and light activity
  • Helps you move forward and stay active during use
  • Offloads pressure on the knee so you remain comfortable
  • Crafted with a magnesium frame for improved flexibility and a better fit
  • Designed with clinically-proven three-point offloading technology
  • Shifts the compressing load from the degenerative area to healthy tissue
  • Designed with a four-points-of-leverage frame to protect your ligaments
  • Contoured in design to enhance the suspension of the brace
  • Helps relieve pain and provides an intimate fit for added comfort
  • Enhances your quality of life, allowing you to remain active

What Is an Offloading Knee Brace?

An offloading knee brace, also known as an offloader or unloader knee brace, is the best choice for those suffering from knee osteoarthritis. It works by applying pressure to the knee joint on the opposite side of the knee that's suffering from osteoarthritis, thereby opening up the affected side to prevent osteoarthritic friction. These braces are ideal for providing stability, reducing pain, and delaying or preventing the need for surgery and invasive procedures.

Is an 'Offloading' Knee Brace the Same as an 'Unloading' Knee Brace?

Yes, the terms 'offloading' and 'unloading' mean the same thing, referring to a knee brace that shifts the pressure from the side that you are experiencing arthritis. This helps to reduce friction associated with arthritis, while helping you to relieve pain and achieve a better gait.

Should I Choose a Medial or Lateral Compartment?

Your choice of a medial (inside the knee) or lateral (outside of the knee) compartment knee brace will depend on which side of the knee is affected. The brace applies pressure to the opposite side of the knee that feels pain, helping to open up the joint on your affected side to avoid osteoarthritic friction. For example if you suffer from:

  • Inner Left Knee Pain: You need the Medial Left/Lateral Right Brace
  • Outer Left Knee Pain: You need the Medial Right/Lateral Left Brace
  • Inner Right Knee Pain: You need the Medial Right/Lateral Left Brace
  • Outer Right Knee Pain: You need the Medial Left/Lateral Right Brace

Is This Knee Brace Suitable for Bilateral Osteoarthritis?

No, if you suffer from bilateral osteoarthritis, or compartmental osteoarthritis on both the medial and lateral sides, this is not the right brace for you. Since an unloader brace is designed to shift your weight from the side affected by osteoarthritis to the healthier side, the offloading action of this brace will actually cause an increase in pain for bilateral osteoarthritis.

If you suffer from bilateral osteoarthritis, we would recommend one of the Donjoy Full Force Knee Brace with Fourcepoint - a dynamic hinged knee brace that offers strong support and maximum stability.

How Do I Fit the Nano OA Brace?

To fit your brace, please follow this step-by-step guide.

Finding Your Size:

  1. Measure the circumference of your thigh 15cm above the kneecap
  2. Select the applicable size from the drop down menu at the top of this page
  3. Choose the size up if you fall on a size boundary

Fitting Your Brace:

  1. Open all of the straps on your knee brace. and put your leg into the brace with your knee at a 45 degree angle
  2. Centre the hinges level with the patella (kneecap)
  3. Fit strap number 1 (the strap at the bottom of your brace) and tighten with the Velcro
  4. Fix strap number 2 which is the highest strap at the back of the brace
  5. Fix strap number 3, the strap at the back just above your knees
  6. Adjust all three straps so they are tight enough
  7. Pull the hinges forward slightly but not beyond the middle of the leg
  8. Fix strap number 4
  9. Fix the strap underneath your kneecap on the front 
  10. Finally, fix the strap underneath your kneecap on the back
  11. At this stage, the hinges should be slightly above the patella and slightly behind the middle of the leg

Making Sure it Fits:

  1. Test the brace by walking around
  2. Use the key provided for the patient to set the offloading pressure to the desired level, following your doctors recommendation
  3. This should be on the opposite side on the affected knee

Watch the Video Below for a Tutorial:

Don't Let Knee Pain Put Your Life on Hold

Ever wanted to go hiking in Lake District, or explore Rome's many archaeological attractions on foot, but never got the chance because of an injury or arthritis? Well, it's never too late to make those dreams a reality. Thanks to unique offloading technology, the Donjoy Nano Brace bears your weight and carries you painlessly wherever you want to go.

How Comfortable is the Nano OA Knee Brace?

The Nano Osteoarthritis Knee Brace is the most comfortable hinged OA brace available, as its lightweight and malleable materials put minimal strain on the joint to increase comfort and patient compliance. These features make the Nano Knee Brace exceptionally comfortable to wear, making it ideal for everyday activities.

Is the Donjoy Nano OA Brace Suitable for Knee Replacement?

When arthritis becomes so severe that knee replacement becomes increasingly necessary, the Donjoy OA Nano is perfect for both pre- and post-operation support. The offloading technology takes all the weight off the knee so that walking is easier without the need for surgery, and if surgery is still required, this support will make recovery a walk in the park.

We chose the Donjoy OA Nano Knee Brace as our best knee support for knee replacement surgery. You can learn more by reading the full article on Our Best Knee Supports for Arthritis.

Is This Knee Brace Suitable for Sports?

The Nano OA Brace is a great choice for mild activity like walking or light jogging, but for sports and more intense activity a more rigid-framed brace may be needed. The ideal offloading OA brace for sporting activity is the Donjoy OA Adjuster 3 Osteoarthritis Knee Brace, which is made with a similar design to the Nano but is better suited to the demands of more intense activity.

Is This Brace Suitable for Skiing?

As mentioned above, the Donjoy OA Adjuster 3 Osteoarthritis Knee Brace is more suited to high impact activities like skiing. It should be noted that the Adjuster Brace requires a certain amount of space on the calf to provide adequate support, and so may not fit with ski boots for shorter users. As a general guideline, it's only guaranteed to fit with ski boots for users over 6 feet tall.

What is the Unloader Brace Made From?

The Donjoy OA Nano Knee Brace is constructed from Nano MAG, an advanced form of malleable magnesium. The flexibility of the magnesium frame allows the cuffs to be adjusted for a more intimate fit, allowing you to get the most out of your brace. The light structural properties of magnesium make the brace feel weightless, allowing you to go about your normal daily and sporting activities unhindered.

How Much Should I Wear My Donjoy Nano Brace?

Whilst this entirely depends on your condition and quality of your rehabilitation following an injury or operation, we recommend wearing your Donjoy Nano Brace as much as possible under the approval of your PT, physio or doctor. Designed to treat osteoarthritis, the Donjoy Nano can be worn during light exercise and will not cause harm or constriction if worn for long periods throughout the day.

How Light Is the Donjoy Nano Unloader Knee Brace?

One of the main benefits of this arthritis knee brace is that it weighs only 400 grams, making it the lightest offloading OA knee brace in the world. This makes it ideal for active users looking to maintain their performance as well as elderly users who may be obstructed by a heavy hinged knee brace.

Is This Brace Waterproof?

Yes, this knee brace is suitable for use in the water. If you intend to use the OA Nano Knee Brace in salt water, we would recommend rinsing the brace with clean water after each use to extend the longevity of all components.

Can I Wear This Brace Over a Wetsuit?

Yes, this brace can be applied over a wet suit for activities like wakeboarding and kite surfing. As mentioned above, the brace should be rinsed off with clean water after each salt water use. If you engage in high impact or intense watersports activity, the Donjoy OA Adjuster Knee Brace may be more suited, as it features a similar design but includes a more rigid frame.

Find Out More About the OA Brace

Learn more about one of the lightest osteoarthritis knee braces on the market by watching this short video.

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