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Banana In-Bed Repositioning Single-Use Versal Sheet (Box of 10)

Banana In-Bed Repositioning Single-Use Versal Sheet (Box of 10)
  • Single-use sheet improves patient hygiene
  • Can be fitted to separate bed adaptor with clamps for stability
  • Helps provide dignified patient manoeuvring
  • Offers carers effective and convenient repositioning


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In stock now

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Brand:  Banana

Banana In-Bed Repositioning Single-Use Versal Sheet

The ability to swiftly and safely reposition patients is essential for ensuring patient hygiene and comfort. The Banana In-Bed Repositioning Single-Use Versal Sheet is ideal for assisting carers with effectively repositioning patients in bed.

Comfort and Safety

The In-Bed Repositioning Versal Sheet provides patient comfort when placed beneath them and can be used to either move the patient or turn them over. The use of the sheet can help protect the patient's dignity, as well as ensuring they are manoeuvred safely and securely.

Using the Versal sheet to reposition patients is also convenient for carers as it provides them with something onto which they can grip. It can be used to wrap beneath the patient to help lift and move limbs while reducing the risk of strain or injury to both carer and patient. It also replaces the need for multiple tubular or flat sheets, with a unique design practical for a range of patient moving and handling needs.

Easily Secured

The sheet can be affixed to the bed beneath the patient with the aid of a bed adaptor and sheet clamps (both sold separately). This helps to ensure that the patient is provided with a bed sheet that won't slip or move around beneath them. Not only will this ensure increased comfort, but it will also be a much safer option that will prevent the patient from becoming independent from the bed.

Providing safety and convenience, the sheet is an ideal method of manoeuvring for both patient and carer. Supplied in a box of ten, you can be sure that the Banana In-Bed Repositioning Single-Use Versal Sheet can assist you with the care of your patient.

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