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Wellell Vac Plus Portable Suction Machine

  • Suction unit clears secretions from throat and lungs
  • Portable suction machine suitable for use outdoors and indoors
  • Car adaptor (sold separately) for on-the-move usage
  • Ergonomically designed for ease-of-portability




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Brand:  Wellell

Wellell Vac Plus Portable Suction Machine

The Wellell Vac Plus Portable Suction Machine is an ideal tool for on-the-go usage, facilitating the removal of secretions from the airways in both indoor and outdoor settings. This lightweight unit is designed for effortless transportation, and can be used in either AC mode (with an electric socket) or DC mode (with batteries).

Please Note: Wellell are currently transitioning into their new branding. During this transitional period, Wellell respiratory and sleep aids may bare Apex branding.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Portable Suction Unit (Without Attachments)
  • 1 x User Guide

Please note: While the Wellell Vac Plus is pictured here with tubing, a filter, and a canister, this is for illustrative purposes only and is sold separately to the unit.

What Accessories Are Needed to Make the Vac Plus Function?

For the Vac Plus Portable Suction Unit to work it's important to ensure that you have all the necessary attachments to hand. The unit will not function as it should without the attachments. These include:

  • Filter: Placed between the pump and secretion canister, this accessory prevents the unit from being damaged or contaminated in the case of operating errors
  • Tubing: This is to channel the negative pressure which creates the vacuum necessary for this unit to work
  • Single-Use Canister: With either an 800ml or 1800ml capacity, this will safely gather and contain bodily secretions removed from the patient

Optional Accessories

Some accessories for the Vac Plus are optional. The suction unit will work without these attachments, but user experience can be enhanced with them.

  • Attached remote control
  • Car adaptor
  • Rechargeable battery

How Does the Portable Suction Unit Work?

The Portable Suction Unit functions to remove foreign substances and secretions (such as blood and mucus) from the throat and lungs when a patient is unable to do it themselves. The unit generates negative pressure which creates a vacuum effect. When this negative pressure is channelled through a tube with one end connected to the unit and the other in the user's mouth, the vacuum helps pull things like blood, mucus, and vomit out from the airways. These secretions are then collected in a canister (sold separately), which slots nicely into the integrated canister holder.

Who Is the Vac Plus Unit For?

Suction machines are used for a range of medical emergencies and ongoing illnesses. The portability of the Vac Plus unit and battery-powered functioning option makes it ideal for paramedics and first-responders, who may need to attend to patients in areas without access to electrical sockets. Uses for the suction machine include:

  • Clearing secretions, such as blood and mucus, for patients who can't do it themselves
  • Quickly and effectively clearing the patient's airways before rapid intubation
  • Assisting with aspirating the throat and lungs of patients who are seizing or unconscious
  • Aids in removing foreign substances from the windpipe and lungs
  • Relieving secretion build due to long-term illnesses such as COPD, ALS, cystic fibrosis, and bronchiectasis

Key Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used in either AC mode (with an electric socket) or DC mode (with batteries)
  • Car adaptor (sold separately) is available for AC power on-the-move
  • Wired remote control (sold separately) is available for ease-of-use
  • Water resistant materials of casing are easy to clean and maintain
  • Ergonomically designed for effortless carrying with handle and integrated canister holder
  • Pressure regulator and analogue pressure gauge built into unit

How Does the Vac Plus Differ From Others In the Series?

The Vac Series Portable Suction Machines include the Vac Plus, Vac Pro, and Vac Maxi. Each of these models serves the same basic function, but comes with its own advantages.

  • Vac Plus: Works with either AC power or DC power. The unit comes with a car adaptor and a rechargeable battery, which allows the user to work this machine without a power outlet, or by using the outlet available in most cars.
  • Vac Pro: this model is the lightest of these Vac suction units, making it the easiest to carry around. Weighing at 2.8kg, this lightweight Pro Model is 0.5kg lighter than the Plus, and 1.6kg lighter than the Maxi.
  • Vac Maxi: The most powerful of the Vac Series units, and is ideal for high-vacuum, high-flow usage. The maximum flow rate of the Maxi is 46LPM, which is almost double that of the Pro and the Plus.

See the Vac Series Portable Suction Machine from All Angles

How Should the Vac Plus Unit Be Cleaned?

To clean this unit, thoroughly wipe the case with a neutral detergent. Do not take apart the case to clean the unit as this will put you at risk of an electric shock.

Don't forget that a filter must be placed between the suction pump and the canister containing secretions to avoid damage or contamination to your Wellell Vac Portable Suction Machine.

Any repairs for the Portable Suction Machine must be completed by qualified service personnel. To find out more about the installation, operation, and maintenance of the Vac Series Suction Units, watch the video below.


  • Electrical rating:
    • AC 110 - 120V, 60Hz
    • AC 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz
    • DC 12V
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • Maximum pressure: 600mmHg (adjustable)
  • Maximum flow rate: 24LPM
  • Net Weight: 3.3kg
  • Dimensions: 352mm (L) / 206mm (W) / 192mm (H)
  • Sound Level: < 55dB
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