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Aircast Plantar Fasciitis AirHeel Ankle Brace

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  • Ankle brace with two air cells to support the arch and Achilles tendon
  • Ideal for treating plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and heel pain
  • Helps to reduce swelling and pain while improving circulation
  • Applies pulsating compression with every step
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Brand:  Aircast

Aircast Plantar Fasciitis AirHeel Ankle Brace

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that manifests through the onset of pain in the back of the foot and in the bottom of the heel and arch areas. Recovery from inflammatory conditions like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis will require more than the simple immobilisation that most ankle supports provide, as the tissue will need compression and rest to heal.

If you suffer with plantar fasciitis and are after a brace that maximises proprioception in the affected area, look no further. The Aircast Plantar Fasciitis AirHeel Ankle Brace is designed to apply pulsating compression with each step, helping to increase circulation, reduce swelling and allow the area to heal.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Ankle Brace

Please note, the Aircast AirHeel Brace is ambidextrous, meaning it can be used on either the left or right ankle.

What's So Special About the AirHeel?

Most supports are "Jack of all trades" style braces that do a little bit of everything without targeting problem areas associated with specific conditions. The Aircast AirHeel is different in that it's specifically engineering, designed and manufactured to target plantar fasciitis.

The inclusion of twin interconnected air cells located beneath the foot arch apply pulsating compression that soothes and relieves the tired tendons that flare up in the area. This proprioceptive contact helps reduce stress and strain on fatigued soles, maximising circulation and recovery opportunities in the process.

See for Yourself!

Learn more about how the AirHeel Ankle Brace can help you go about your daily life without pain by watching the short video below. The video also demonstrates how you should apply the support to your ankle. Slipping on just like a sock and designed with a single strap, the brace is extremely easy to fit.

Which Size AirHeel Brace Should I Choose?

The Aircast AirHeel is available in three different sizes. To find the best one for you, simply take your UK shoe size and consult the sizing table below. We also recommend taking into account the maximum ankle circumference of each brace before purchase, which has been measured with a 1cm allowance of Velcro fastening.

Size UK Shoe Size Maximum Ankle Circumference (cm)
Small Under Size 6.5 29cm
Medium Size 7 - 10.5 33.5cm
Large Over Size 11 38cm

How Should I Wear the AirHeel?

The AirHeel Ankle Brace is easy to apply - simply slip it on as you would a sock and tighten the hook and loop fastened strap at the ankle until comfortable. In order to maximise comfort, we recommend wearing it over a sock as this prevents slippage, rubbing and irritation developing.

Aircast AirHeel

How Does the Aircast AirHeel Work?

The AirHeel comes with twin interconnected air cells located under the foot arch and at the heel. These connected cells interact with one another, pulsating, adjusting and massaging the foot with every step you take.

Interconnected AirHeel Cells

How Does the AirHeel Promote Healing?

The two interconnected air cells in the AirHeel Ankle Support alternate to provide a 'massaging' pulsation of compression at the ideal point in every step. The dynamic action of these air cells helps to:

  • Increase Circulation: By enhancing blood flow to the area, tissue is flooded with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to heal, thereby reducing pain and swelling
  • Reduce Plantar Fascia Strain: The air cell in the arch slowly deflates as you take a step, reducing the sharp stress on the plantar fascia
  • Reduce Achilles Strain: As the arch cell deflates, air is forced to the Achilles cell to compress the area and shorten the "levering" motion that causes Achilles strain

Key Features and Benefits

  • Specifically designed to treat ankle inflammation and pain
  • Ideal for plantar fasciitis, heel pain and Achilles tendonitis
  • Uses two interconnected air cells under the arch and back of the heel
  • Applies pulsating compression with every step you take
  • Helps to reduce swelling and discomfort while improving circulation
  • Made of lightweight and breathable fabric for your comfort
  • Easy to apply and adjust with one strap
  • Fully latex-free, made primarily from neoprene 
  • Slips on like a sock so you don't have to spend ages fitting the brace
  • Low-profile design allows ankle support to fit easily into most shoes
  • Clinically proven to relieve plantar fasciitis by massaging the area

Applications for the Aircast AirHeel Support

The Aircast AirHeel Support is specifically designed to provide relief from symptoms of the following indications:

  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Achilles tendinosis
  • Heel pain
  • Plantar fasciitis

Can I Play Sports with the AirHeel Brace?

Yes, provided you are in the latter stages of your recovery process, this brace will allow enough movement for you to play sports. It will help to reduce the pain you feel in your arch, heel and Achilles, and will help to reduce the risk of re-injury as you get back into your sport of choice.

How Comfortable is the Aircast AirHeel Ankle Support?

As with most Aircast ankle braces, the AirHeel is made with lightweight and breathable materials. This will help to prevent your ankle from overheating during the day, and is particularly useful for staying cool during sports and activity.

Will This Brace Fit in My Shoes?

The AirHeel is designed with a low profile, making it suitable for almost any footwear, including tighter-fitting athletic shoes. When worn over a sock, it should slip easily into your shoes without significantly affecting the fit.

The Aircast Airheel fits comfortable in most footwear
The AirHeel fits comfortably in most types of footwear

How Should I Wear the AirHeel Ankle Brace?

As shown in the image above, we recommend wearing this ankle support over a sock. With a sock underneath, the brace will slip on simply and won't cause any friction or irritation to the skin as you move.

Will the AirHeel Ankle Brace Reduce Swelling in My Achilles Tendon?

Yes, the targeted Achilles air cell will apply pulsating compression to your Achilles tendon as you walk, which will help to reduce pain and bring down any swelling.

Will the AirHeel Brace Reduce Heel Pain Associated with Achilles Tendinosis?

As this ankle brace reduces the strain on the arch and Achilles tendon, it will lessen heel pain associated with pushing off for a step or jump in those suffering from most types of Achilles tendinopathy, including Achilles tendinosis. The two massaging air cells work together to relieve pain in the arch, plantar fascia, heel and Achilles tendon.

Is This Ankle Brace Suitable for PTTD?

While the AirHeel provides some support underfoot, it is not ideally suited to posterial tibial tendon dysfunction. We would recommend the Aircast Airlift PTTD Ankle Brace for Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction.

Can I Wear the AirHeel Without Shoes?

The ability of the air cells to target the intended regions may be affected if worn on a sock alone, and for this reason we recommend the AirHeel be worn with shoes.

Will This Brace Prevent Rolled Ankles?

The AirHeel specifically targets pain in the arch, heel and Achilles tendon, and does not provide significant protection from rolled ankles and sprains. To protect against from ankle rollover, we recommend the Aircast A60 Ankle Brace – our best-selling ankle brace for use during sports.

Is This Brace Suitable for Use After Achilles Surgery?

The AirHeel Achilles Support is designed for the latter stages of recovery once full movement is possible, and is not designed for use directly after surgery. We recommend consulting with your physician as to the type of bracing required for your current stage.

Is This a Latex-Free Ankle Brace?

Yes, the AirHeel is made from neoprene, and is completely latex-free.

Delivery Information

This product is usually dispatched via Royal Mail and delivery should be within 1 to 3 working days.

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It works
07 March 2024  |  Duncan

I bought this with some scepticism, but I have to say that it actually works. It is better in some shoes than others, but overall it has helped reduce the pain and swelling on the front of my heel from plantar fasciitis. Iíve been wearing it for about a week and after a couple of months of discomfort it has made an appreciable difference: before, it was just getting worse, now it seems to be on the mend.

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