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Aircast Leg Brace

Aircast Leg Brace
  • Functional management of stress fractures and lower leg fractures
  • Three straps and dual air cells stabilise the ankle and heel
  • Enhances circulation and reduces swelling during rehabilitation
  • Easily fits in shoes for early protected weight bearing
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Brand:  Aircast

Aircast Leg Brace

Lower leg stress fractures can be difficult to recover from, mainly because of the amount of weight that is placed on the legs day in, day out. The Aircast Leg Brace functionally manages this type of injury by stabilising and supporting the lower leg. 

The use of three separate straps and dual air-inflated cushions on the tibial and medial sides of the ankle help prevent rolling whilst encouraging the heel, ankle and calf to move as one unit whilst you recover. To further enhance comfort and usability, the Aircast Leg Brace comes with a sock as standard to protect your leg from abrasions, irritation and scratches to the skin. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Leg Brace

What's So Special About the Aircast Leg Brace?

If you've damaged your lower leg, you need a brace that provides support at the heel, ankle and calf. The Aircast Leg Brace does exactly this without feeling heavy and constrictive.

Three separate straps allow you to adjust tightness, fit and feel, and the tibial and medial pads support and stabilise the ankle from heel to calf. If that wasn't enough, each brace is supplied with a sock to prevent chaffing, rubbing and irritation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides functional management of fractures
  • Adds an optional anterior panel for added support on the tibial side
  • Essential wear for load bearing after a stress fracture
  • Features anatomically-designed shells on the tibial and medial
  • Helps stabilise and protect the leg during rehabilitation
  • Aircells are pre-inflated for ease of access and use
  • Transfer of weight-bearing load reduces causative forces of injury
  • Easy to fit into most shoes for early protected weight bearing
  • Enhances circulation and reduces swelling
  • Each brace is supplied with a sock liner for improved comfort and usability

Indications for the Leg Brace

The Aircast Leg Support is specifically designed for the management of fractures. This includes the following types:

  • Stable fractures (graduated fracture management)
  • Stress fractures
  • Bruised bones

Sizing Information for the Aircast Leg Brace

The Aircast Leg Brace is available in two different sizes and is designed with different configurations for the right and left leg. To find out which size you require, please refer to the table below.

Brace Size Brace Height
Small 33cm
Standard 39.5cm

Lightweight and Inobtrusive Protection

Designed to allow the heel to seamlessly fit inside any style of shoe whilst being worn, the Aircast Leg Brace feels slender and lightweight. Unlike bulkier braces, the use of lightweight air cells helps stabilise the leg from heel to calf without feeling heavy and weighty.

Uniform Movement of the Leg

This unique design promotes uniform movement of the leg to minimise the risk of rolling and instability. When the leg, ankle and heel move as one, the danger of the lower portion of the limb giving way underneath you is drastically reduced.

Essential for Stress Fracture Rehabilitation

The main application for the Aircast Leg Brace is treating stress fractures and lower limb injuries. The inclusion of twin inflated air-cell pads encourages tired and worn out ligaments and tendons that may also be damaged to move towards the centre of the ankle, promoting alignment and postural healing.

Dual Air Cell Stabilisation

One benefit of using independently positioned cells is that both the tibial and medial sides of the leg are supported at all times. Unlike other styles that use a single, seamless support system, the Aircast Leg Brace uses twin panels that draw tired, fatigued and damaged ligaments and tendons toward the centre of the leg to maximise stability when weight is placed on the affected limb.

Supplied With a Sock for Enhanced Comfort

If you're concerned about how the Aircast Leg Brace will feel against your skin, don't be. Each Aircast Leg Brace is supplied with a soft, comfortable and plush sock lining that is soft and kind on sensitive skin.

This also helps prevent rubbing, irritation and itching if you suffer with dermatitis or eczema.

Improve Circulation and Reduce Swelling

The key to rapid recovery is increasing the amount of blood that can enter and exit the affected area. The patented "Duplex" air-cell system lining inside every Aircast Leg Brace does just this by creating a snug fit and feel that encourages oxygenated blood into the limb for improved healing.

Optional Additional Anterior Panel for Extra Tibial Protection

The Beauty of the Aircast Leg Brace is that you have the option of adding an additional anterior support panel on the tibial side of the brace. This helps to evenly distribute support and allows you to tailor the fit and feel of your brace to match your unique recovery requirements.

Innovative Duplex Aircell System

The Aircast Leg Brace features anatomically designed shells that are lined with the patented Duplex aircell system. These are pre-inflated so you don't have to wait before you apply the support. The aircell system helps to enhance circulation and reduce swelling in the area, while also ensuring you're provided with a comfortable and tailored fit.

Are Other Aircast Braces Availble?

Absolutely. If the Aircast Leg Brace doesn't suit your condition or requirements, take a look at some of the braces below:

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